BSNL FTTH Plans For 100 Mbps Fiber Optic Broadband Internet

100 Mbps Fiber optic broadband from BSNL FTTH is ready to serve at your home or business. It is the era of digital transformation, going cashless, digital payments and bringing transparency to the system. BSNL FTTH plans and the system with high speed fiber optic interent are more attractive now by having excellent choice.

Fiber optic cable technology changed the face of today’s communication system. Adopting the state of art of technologies, BSNL is installing Bharat Net a country-wide fiber optic for internet connecting in many of the panchayats. On the other hand, BSNL brought the same fiber optic internet technology to your doorstep with new BSNL FTTH plans covering many isolated pockets of the country.

BSNL FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Services is a unique technology in India with having fiber optic bandwidth at 100 Mbps fast. This technology provides stable access platform to deliver high speed internet services. All the BSNL FTTH plans offer fault free internet access at an affordable price with latest tariff.

ISP is providing fiber to home services with many inexpensive BSNL FTTH plans in all the circles in India. These plans have unlimited download and upload facility ranging from 10Mbps to 100 Mbps internet speed.

These ultra-speed BSNL fiber optic broadband plans have a maximum fair usage policy limit of 3000GB in one plan. Many of the BSNL FTTH plans allow one Static IP address.  In addition to the speed, all BSNL FTTH plans provides “Phone plus services.” It is a free phone service with 24 hours 365 days unlimited free calling to any network in India. Take a look at the best fiber optic internet plans tariff.


BSNL FTTH Plans 2018

BSNL Fibernet Plan Fibro Combo ULD 777* Fibro Combo ULD 1277* Fibro ULD 3999 Fibro ULD 5999 Fibro ULD 9999 Fibro ULD 16999
Download Speed with FUP Up to 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 50 Mbps 60 Mbps 80 Mbps 100 Mbps
FUP Limit 500GB 750GB 500GB 1000 GB 2000GB 3000 GB
Bandwidth after FUP 2Mbps 2 Mbps 4Mbps 4Mbps 6Mbps 8Mbps
Applicability All Internet Users of Home and Business
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) 777 1277 3999 5999 9999 16999
1 Year Payment 8547 14047 43989 65989 109989 186989
2 Years Payment 16317 26817 83979 125979 209979 356979
3 Years Payment 23310 38310 119970 179970 299970 509970
Static IP Address (On Request) NA One @ Rs.2000 per annum One Free
Security Deposit / Minimum Hire Period One month rental charges / One Month

Notes to consider on BSNL FTTH plans

  1. *These fiber broadband deals available as regular plans from 07.09.2018 in all India except Andaman Nicobar telecom circle. BSNL Fibernet broadband plans will provide only for New customers. Existing are not allowed to migrate to these new BSNL FTTH plans.
  2. Customers have to pay the initial/one-time charges applicable at the time of application. BSNL Fibernet broadband plans tariff for MPLS VPN or Internet Leased Line offered through FTTH will govern by existing rates. Customers are also allowed to apply online for booking a new fiber broadband connection. So many customers articulated that these BSNL fiber optic broadband plans were the best tariff plans.
  3. No installation charges up to 90days from 24.07.2018.

The fiber optic broadband customers have to choose any one of the above BSNL FTTH plans along with the payment of one time charges as security deposit for the subscription.

BSNL fiber to home provides fault free internet services at technically possible locations. There is no fiber broadband availability checker in online. So just apply online, then BSNL executives will contact you or approach near BSNL CSC for availability.

Also, we present you the latest cities where BSNL FTTH availability is. So, netizens, its time to make your home or business with BSNL fiber optic internet connection and make your WiFi zone with 100 Mbps internet for download or upload.


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