BSNL EPay Registration & Payment for Bharat Fiber Franchisee

New bill payment gateway BSNL EPay launched on web portal, and also as a mobile application for the convenience of FTTH customers who got their Bharat Fiber connection through Franchisee, and it is the only application serves for customers as well TIPs…

If TIPs [Bharat Fiber (FTTH) partners] are registered for this EPAY, they can get revenue share in their wallet though their customers complete the BSNL bill payment online, and this application is provided by Pinnacle Technologies(P) Ltd.

Franchisees can do self registration at by providing Name, Mobile no, Wallet No, eMail id, so that they can receive login details in email, where the Onboarding of TIPs is completed only after payment for the App and uploading the KYC(GST, Cancelled Cheque and PAN Card).


The following are the advantages to Bharat Fiber franchisee on activation of BSNL EPay App

  • Franchisee CTOP is Credited revenue share Instantly
  • Franchisee revenue share is credited to the Wallet like 20% or 50% as per agreement except GST
  • No need to arrange Door to Door Cash collection
  • Instant Notifications
  • Automated flash report of performance
  • Franchisee Login to see the report
  • Exclusive payment collection by Franchisee
  • BSNL Counter Payment or Online payment to BSNL not allowed

How to Install BSNL EPay for Franchisee

Complete BSNL EPay registration in 2 minutes.

A well designed secured web portal or mobile application for Franchisees to accept their payments and to check their revenues instantly with automated flash reports.

  1. Open web portal for Bharat Fiber Franchisee registration

    Franchisee can do self registration at

  2. Click Franchisee Registration

    Available Link at bottom right of the webpage

  3. Fill all the personal details

    Enter Name, Franchisee Name, Mobile NO, CTOP UP No, Email ID

  4. Click Register

  5. Upload KYC details

    Upload the GST certificate, Cancelled Cheque and PAN Card of the authorized Franchisee.

  6. Click Submit

  7. Receive the ERP login details in email

  8. Pay and activate the account

  9. Start Accepting Payments

If you have already registered as a BSNL Franchisee for Bharat Fiber service, then why you are getting late, just register in BSNL EPay and start accepting the payments and get your commissions immediately and also watch your revenues on daily basis.

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  1. I am trying to make payment for my Fibre connection 12th May 2020 by credit card, Kindly inform how the same is to be made as your website provides no guidance.

  2. Need full guidance to start my own business as a BSNL Bharat Fiber internet Franchisee, Want to start up my business in networking and services, Mail me at shuvo91331


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