BSNL Chennai Broadband Plans Updated Unlimited Tariff

The approved well designed 300 Mbps unlimited BSNL chennai broadband plans over fiber optic network and 20Mbps DSL services creates a history with huge growth in revenues towards BSNL broadband services, leads to huge expansion of fiber network in the city and the uncovered areas of the circle with greater satisfaction from consumers towards bill payment.

The policy of providing minimum of 20 Mbps bandwidth in Chennai telecom district over DSL network with minimum of 700GB FUP limit in each BSNL broadband plan with unlimited free calls is an attractive investment for ISP and biggest thing for the netizens in the city.

Th following plans are not available even for BSNL tamilnadu broadband customers under DSL and FTTH services, let’s have a look at the following before booking a new BSNL connection in online.

BSNL Chennai Broadband

BSNL Broadband Plans Chennai

Fiber Plan Name Download / Uplod Speed Rent per Month in Rs 6 Months Rent in Rs 1 Year Rent in Rs Network Type
Fibre Basic ** 30Mbps till 3300 GB then 2Mbps 449 0 0 Fiber
100GB CULUpto 50Mbps till 100GB449Fiber
Fibre Basic Plus 60Mbps till 3300 GB then 2Mbps 599 0 7188 Bharat Fiber
BB Home Rural Combo ULD 650Upto 100Mbps till 5GB/Day650DSL/Fiber
BBG Combo ULD 699
Upto 100Mbps till 700GB699DSL/Fiber
Fibre TB PlanUpto 100Mbps till 1000GB777Fiber
Bharat Fiber Super Star 1Upto 100Mbps till 1000GB779Fiber
Fibre Value ** 100Mbps till 3300 GB after 2Mbps 799 0 9588 Fiber
Fibre Value PlusUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849Fiber
BBG Combo ULD 875 CS244Upto 20Mbps till 800GB875DSL
Home Rural USOF Combo ULD 899Upto 2Mbps Flat899Copper
Bharat Fiber Super Star 2Upto 150Mbps till 2000GB949Fiber
Fibre Premium ** 200Mbps till 3300 GB above 2Mbps 999 0 11988 Bharat Fiber
Fiber Combo ULD 999 CS14Upto 100Mbps till 600GB999Fiber
BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS245Upto 20Mbps till 900GB1025Fiber
Super Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS246Upto 20Mbps till 1000GB1091DSL/Fiber
Fibre Premium Plus 200Mbps till 3300 GB above 15Mbps 1277 7024 13409 Fiber
Fibro Combo ULD 1299 CS45Upto 200Mbps till 3.3 TB1299DSL/Fiber
22GB CULUpto 200Mbps till 3.3 TB1299DSL
Fibre Ultra ** 300Mbps till 4000 GB beyond 4Mbps 1499 0 17988 Bharat Fiber
Fibro Combo ULD 1699 CS46Upto 200Mbps till 4 TB1699Fiber
Fibre SilverUpto 300Mbps till 4500GB1999Fiber
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS15Upto 200Mbps till 4 TB1999Fiber
Fibre Silver plusUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499Fiber
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS47Upto 200Mbps till 4 TB2999Fiber
Fibre RubyUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499Fiber
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS16Upto 200Mbps till 4 TB4999Fiber
Fibre GoldenUpto 300Mbps till 8000GB5999Fiber
Fibre DiamondUpto 300Mbps till 12000 GB9999Fiber
Fibre PlatinumUpto 300Mbps till 21000GB16999Fiber
100GB CUL 10Mbps till 100GB, above 2Mbps299 0 0 Copper
200GB CUL 10Mbps till 200GB,upto 2Mbps 399 0 4190 DSL
500GB CUL 10Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps555 0 5828 Copper
Super Star 110Mbps till 779GB, after 2Mbps779 0 8569 DSL
Super Star 210Mbps till 1100GB then 5Mbps949 0 0 Copper
1600GB CUL 10Mbps till 1600Gb, then 5Mbps1299 0 13640 DSL

As per the above tariff, you can see a minimum of 20 Mega bits per second download speed and a maximum of 300Mbps bandwidth with free telephone and unlimited calls to any network, if you test BSNL fiber broadband speed, which you will get 100% satisfied results at your home or office.

In future, the only ISP BSNL will provide the above type of greatest speeds to the entire nation even in rural areas in contribution to Digital India, So now it is a greatest opportunity to netizens in metro city to subscribe for latest BSNL Chennai broadband plans having unlimited internet with huge bandwidth and unlimited free calls.

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17 thoughts on “BSNL Chennai Broadband Plans Updated Unlimited Tariff”

  1. Still there is no fiber connection enabled Internet in my area Krishnamachari Avenue, Adyar, Chennai- 600020, When BSNL Fiber net connection is expected to be installed.

    • I want bsnl fibre net connection 599 30mbps 3300 plans on or before Dec 1 2021,
      Address : 12/21, Chitharanjan Nagar Avenue, G.K.M Colony, Chennai-600082

  2. Is BSNL broadband fiber available in Pallavaram. How long will it take to install broadband, BSNL fiber basic plan. I am at present having landline 044/22662277 in Pallavaram.

  3. What a psu organization is BSNL?
    NOT INTERESTED TO promote customer service and idling their staff and officers without any work .
    Non of the customer service nos.
    responding to customer complaints properly expecting only only huge salary every month out of zero output

  4. I have registered for Bharat Fiber Broadband about a year back and approached the officials a few times indicating my choice for BSNL fiber broadband, the location is less than 50 meters from Arcot Road along which reportedly the fiber line passes. (Abhilasha Apartments, 2nd mainroad, avm avenue,600092), less than 50 meters from Arcot Road, through which reportedly the fiber line passes), Request to expedite, as BSNL will immediately get many more customers from this area.

  5. Still no fiber connections enabled in BSNL Tamilnadu(Chennai and nearby rural districts), Then what is the reason for providing plans showing Fiber, There are numerous college students are now in hometown(villages), they are now dependent on internet but I don’t think speed has been provided consistently.

  6. I approached Porur BSNL office for a new broadband connection on 17.2.2020, They said they would contact me after feasibility test in my area. But till now nobody contact yet.

    • for me feasibility tested and payment made but waiting for 3 years for connection installation, very worst cheating, informed to customer care again no response more than 2 years, very worst BSNL FIELD WORK

  7. Bharat Fiber BB FIBRO COMBO ULD 999 CS14
    I took this new installation of BSNL Bharat Fiber, It is fast as said in the plan i get 80+ Mbps when connected through RJ45 cable from modem to PC and 50 Mbps in Wifi.
    Note Download=Upload in fiber connections
    BSNL charges Plan Deposit + ONT device(wifi), one time deposit of 1600, where both are refundable during connection surrender.
    Totally the plan charge took by me 999+1600 and there no other charges, I get unlimited calling from the new landline number provided, and this is a very good offer

    I had a regular wireline connection which used to provide 10Mbps download and max of 1mbps upload @699 combo plan.

  8. Check the cost of your present plan and compare it with say BSNL ULD Combo 699 CS243 which costs 699 per month, but offers 700GB data at 20 mbps ( actually you may get say 6mbps which is still ok) and unlimited free local / free std calls to all networks, This broadband scheme is best if you are located in Chennai city and if you can forego the Amazon prime and pay for it separately as it would still save good money for you.

  9. I am presently in Rs 1199 plan broadband. Is it necessary to change the plan? Please advise me in the matter. Thanking you. I need the Amazon prime Offer also. Thanking you.

    • Check your BSNL broadband bill for the subscribed broadband plan code, if it different from above code, then approach BSNL Customer service center and submit your request to change with any of the above unlimited Internet plan accordingly.


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