How To Activate or Remove BSNL Call Barring in SIM Card or Landline

My phone calls barred, I don’t know the reason why it is? This is the question from many. First, we understand what BSNL call barring means? When we face this situation and how to remove call barring from BSNL SIM card or landline? What are the ways to activate BSNL SIM card subscription again without losing existing money in the account?

BSNL call barring is nothing but a restriction of certain types of incoming or outgoing calls also called blocking of calls. It is just like mobile locking or landline locking. It can be done by the mobile user himself or by their service provider due to various reasons. Now here we will discuss all the related issues for BSNL call barring and the process involved to release the blocked calls. The possible reasons from user side are mainly three types

Reasons from the operator side for BSNL call barring

  • Recharge not done in time before the expiry of validity and Grace periods.
  • Non-availability of user credentials as per the rule.

BSNL Call Barring

Why do outgoing calls are barred in new BSNL SIM?

  • After activation of BSNL new SIM card, all outgoing calls barred and only incoming calls are allowed. It is because of non-activation of plan voucher, i.e., BSNL first recharge coupon (FRC).
  • If customer recharges the First recharge with any mode (online / wallets / direct recharge), the outgoing calls will activate and charge as per the new plan.

Recently existing mobile customers are facing a problem with BSNL call barring. In that situation what can a customer will do to overcome the issue and how to reactivate mobile services is a task. But now it made easy with BSNL call barring solutions. Millions of the mobile customers are using SIM cards of BSNL, but some didn’t check their validity period in prepaid due to the requirement of recharges for their usage. As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, every prepaid plan will have some mentioned validity.

If a customer didn’t recharge their subscribed plan before expiry, BSNL allows only incoming calls for 15days form expiry date and complete BSNL call barring after 15days. For the customers who maintain balance, but not checks about the validity, Operator will automatically extend the validity temporarily by deducting Rs.8. It is for not closure of that mobile number. The users who are under Plan8 barred with the incoming facility but allows with the outgoing facility at regular rates.

How to remove call barring in prepaid mobile?

First, check the plan with the following options

  • *123#
  • Approach the CSC of BSNL
  • Dialing customer care

If you fall under Plan8 and not receiving incoming calls, then try to recharge with any BSNL plan vouchers available in the market. BSNL call barring will automatically disable and activates the incoming and outgoing calls as per the subscription.

What to do if BSNL Call barring not deactivated after recharging also?

  • Approach nearest CSC or customer care and complain about the issue facing. CSC frontend staff or customer care representatives will check the plan, validity and complain unbarring of the barred services.

How many days will it take to clear BSNL call barring after complaint?

  • Usually, it will take a minimum of 2 hours and maximum of 24hours to resolve the issue.

How to do BSNL call barring on Android phone?

The call barring on an Android device results the subscriber to deactivate the outgoing facility from a mobile phone. Let’s have a look at how you can do BSNL call barring on your mobile (Android 7)?

  • Open your contact list and click on three dotted patterns at top right.
  • Click Settings
  • Select More settings
  • Click Call barring
  • Select Voice call
  • Select your choice for BSNL call barring (All outgoing calls / International calls / All Incoming calls / All Incoming calls when roaming) with call barring code.
  • A pop up will ask you to enter the PIN. Enter your desired PIN or default call barring code and click OK.
  • Immediately, you will get a confirmation message will appear on your BSNL call barring.

BSNL Call Bar Settings

How to remove BSNL call barring in subscribers mobile?

Follow the above process as it is up to the selection of choice. In that, click on your activated option. You will ask to enter call barring password (PIN), Submit the PIN and click on OK. Instantly you will release BSNL call barring.

How to disable call barring on iPhone if activated?

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Check Airplane Mode, If it is ON or OFF. Select Off and wait for five seconds, if it is in ON condition for unbarring.
  • Go to the iPhone Settings > Do Not Disturb > make sure it’s OFF.
  • Verify if call forwarding is turned on or not. Make sure to turn off and unbar all the calls.

The above options for BSNL call barring in Android or iPhone will work only if a mobile number is in active status and operating condition.

How to reactivate BSNL postpaid mobile or remove call barring?

In a postpaid mobile, operator bars the outgoing facility when a bill is pending against the invoice issued even after the disconnection date. After one week of Pay by date, the disconnection process will starts and bars the outgoing facility in BSNL postpaid SIM card.

After the payment of an outstanding bill, it will reconnect again by processing the payments. If a customer requires immediate reconnection, he/she can submit the payment details to customer service center authorities for instant activation of unblocking the BSNL call barring.

What is the process for Unbarring in BSNL Landline?

BSNL landline is a postpaid service, and it also disconnects only for outstanding bill payment. But the disconnection date falls after 15 days of due date. After payment at CSC counters of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, within an hour outgoing facility will activate. In landline also, user have to deactivate the outgoing facility with BSNL dynamic locking system. It means you can do BSNL call barring by activating Call Barring Code. To disable the same call blocking settings, you can follow the BSNL landline dynamic lock system.

Now, you must know BSNL outgoing barred solution and the reasons why it happens? The above total info on BSNL call barring will helps to get rid of the worries. Taking a look back at the info you must find the best solution for unblocking.

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