Stop BSNL BUZZ Flash Alerts or Push Pop Up Messages

What is BSNL Buzz? Will activate automatically in any SIM card, How to stop BSNL Buzz flash messages in my mobile screen repeats for every 10seconds, and Is there any charges to deactivate BSNL Buzz Pop Up messages? Any simple deactivation codes available…

BUZZ is a new feature going to buzz your mobile with location based content through flash messages appeared on mobile screen, For this service, operator has partnered with Celltick, a global leader in mobile marketing to offer BUZZ Services, and It is a new live screen mobile commerce service feature with which you can have information regarding Contests, News, Subscription Packs, Coupons and also Advertisements, and at any time you can activate or deactivate on your prepaid / postpaid mobile simply.


This Live Screen content is a location based mobile broadcast system. It means, if you are in a place near to a mall or shop, you will get the deals going on near to you, Also, this will offer without any inconvenience caused by displaying the content as BSNL Pop Up Messages on the live screen of your BSNL mobile number.

BSNL Buzz is a good option for all mobile users who can custom their content which they want to see. If you want to see the news, you can have it. Like the same information regarding quizzes, polls, trivia, tips, etc. Information regarding Technology, Sports – Soccer, Cricket, Gossip, Live Results, General Coverage, etc.. Entertainment – Movies, TV, Music, Gossips and much more.

In the News section, it covers General News coverage for Local and International Business, Economy, Stocks, etc.. Variety News, Celebrities, Gossip, and Exclusive/Advertising shoppers as on date. All this information can also be available in your local language.

How mobile customer benefited with BSNL BUZZ flash message service

  • You are not going to be disturbed with this content. You can find this service under SIM services of BSNL which can be available in all Feature and Smartphones or even in SIM-based Tablets.
  • It is for local content and services discovery, location based available merchant coupons, new services in that area, mobile advertisements and much more where the mobile user has interest.
  • It is not of SMS or MMS kind of thing. Information is available on the screen if you want to know more about it just click ok, and it will direct to the screen where you will find all the details.
  • There is no unique BSNL Mobile Plans or STVs to be activated, and also it is not a Data based service.
  • All the new/existing customers of mobile services do not require any 2G / 3G BSNL Mobile Data Plan connection, and also the mobile data for this service.
  • It will be going to be one of the best service offered by BSNL.
  • Here you can find the free content and also paid content at a minimal fee. You can avail anything according to the interests.
  • Furthermore, if you want to stop with BSNL buzz deactivation code you can do that at any time, but you can know how to deactivate BSNL buzz in Android or other phones.
  • It is only going to push messages from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Being location based general information may also be push, your municipal offices can also utilize this.
  • BSNL can push messages regarding it offers and even in time of necessity. You can have information regarding the weather or any news in social interest also can push to your mobile.
  • Celltick’s Live Screen builds brand BSNL in a new way. It is even in every remote area of rural segment too.
  • This new service can convert agricultural market into a virtual urban discounted/coupon based market.
  • This service is very useful when you are shopping to know the deals near to your location and updates according to the user interests.

Why BSNL Buzz option is not available in some SIM cards?

The service is an inbuilt option configured by the SIM vendor and It is configured in all SIM cards of Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Services after the aggrement made with Celltick for provision of location based flash SMS alerts or Pop Up messages in mobile screen. So the old SIMs are not having the new option. If the SIM replaces with new SIM on the same number, then the default BSNL BUZZ option will be displayed under SIM settings.

How to Stop BSNL Pop Up Messages

Being a DND compliant, if you want to deactivate, you can stop information passed on through BSNL BUZZ and perform BSNL DND status check. For that, we will guide you with screenshots about how to stop flash messages on your mobile screen.

By default for all subscribers will have BSNL BUZZ as a service under BSNL SIM services. You can activate or deactivate for live screen mobile commerce service at user level itself. Let’s take a look as follows for all, and the same thing is supported by all Windows, Android and iPhone GSM devices.

How to stop BSNL Buzz in Android

  • Switch On Your Mobile Screen.
  • Go to SIM settings (shown as BSNL Mobile SIM icon) and click on that.
  • Select BSNL Buzz Option from the list (My Portal, News, Finance, Entertainment, TV Schedule, Travel, Downloads).
  • Click on Activation.
  • You will display for both the options to do
  • Select Activate for activation of live screen commerce services (if not activated).
  • In the same screen, a new flash pop up will display to Press OK.
  • Click on Deactivate to stop Buzz flash messages on the mobile screen.
  • Choose OK to confirm your deactivation of pop messages in the same window.
Deactivate BSNL Buzz

BSNL BUZZ Live Screen Mobile Commerce is a new service, in part of Digital India, and it is a new way adopting your interest and demographics. Being a BSNL customer, you will feel to be Proud with all its new innovative technologies.

How to deactivate Buzz through SMS?

Being a live screen commerce services, BSNL BUZZ installed under SIM services. So there is no facility to deactivate the flash message service through SMS. The only allowed service is: deactivation of any subscribed packs (which offered from BUZZ alerts) through 155223 or at BSNL customer care numbers.

BSNL BUZZ deactivation code

For activation or deactivation of Flash SMS services, there is no separate BSNL deactivation codes available, any user who want to deactivate BUZZ has to follow the procedure as mentioned in the screens above.

With this above simple steps, now you can know how to stop BSNL Buzz flash messages in mobile. If any queries or comments, please post us in the section.

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21 thoughts on “Stop BSNL BUZZ Flash Alerts or Push Pop Up Messages”

  1. Still getting Flash pop up messages whenever I perform Data On/off & Call operation. Please provide any alternative way. It is so disgusting and useless function. Customer care team can’t provide useful solution. Please work on code based solution like DND so that customer can deactivate it easily.

  2. These disgusting pop ups keep coming even when we deactivate the BUZZ feed, Its pathetic, U r talking as though its a sensational technology here, Just get rid of it. If now, just for this annoyance, we have to get rid of the BSNL SIM.

  3. How can I deactivate the data usage msgs they are annoying me for every 10 seconds that u have consumed this much mbs and all before I switch off d data, Pls

  4. I am not getting pop ups after the usage of my data. So I don’t know how much mb I have used. Is there any way to restore those notifications?

    • Annoying msg from BSNL every few minutes, like u have consumed this much MB & this much is remaining, How can I stop this remainder from BSNL?

  5. I am also Irritated about this BUZZ FLASH Notifications lot many times I call to Care and compliant they didn’t care about this and the beep sounds also so horrible, So unknowing service BSNL introduces so many rural people loose their money with services also.

  6. Buzz flash messages aren’t getting deactivated by BSNL buzz and also called customer care many times to stop it, but nothing is done by BSNL customer care executive, Now I have decided to Port my number.

    • Please deactivate BSNL Buzz as mentioned in the article, and also you are requested to dial 155223 or approach nearest CSC to deactivate VAS if any activated.

  7. I followed the steps mentioned here to deactivate BSNL BUZZ, but I am still getting those push messages, Is anyone facing similar issues?

  8. Allow wing service to all over the world with the same tariff of India. If you charge extra for the calls originating from outside India, everyone will quit because now call to India from outside India is cost 10 paise per minute by using VoIP. So open to all NRI’s this service. 1 crore NRI people are situated in the globe, let us consider 50 lakh will take wings service if BSNL open to outside India. around 300 crores can be income in a year from outside India itself. This will make bread and butter to BSNL to stay get salaries their employees, and nothing to lose them.


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