BSNL Broadband Plans AP (Andhra Pradesh) & Telangana Updated Card

Buy the best BSNL broadband plans in AP and Telangana states to enjoy upto 300 Mbps superfast fiber optic internet at your home or office over BSNL fiber network or with DSL technologies even in metros like Hyderabad, Vijayawada or in smart cities and towns with latest BSNL broadband services which is easy now, because we present all for your ready reference to pick the best among comparision with various ISP’s.

Check here about the latest BSNL broadband plans AP & Telangana caters you with unlimited free calls on landline and hefty discount options available at cheapest rates for all broadband subscribers buying for 6months, yearly, two year and three year over DSL and Fiber network technologies.

If the netizens can even required high speed after the data cap limit in each of the below plans can opt for BSNL Broadband Top up to restore ultra speed internet, With this BSNL fiber optic internet, you will get best results whenever you test the speed BSNL Fibernet broadband, Let’s have a look at the tariff

Latest BSNL Broadband Plans in AP and Telangana
Latest BSNL Broadband Plans in AP, Telangana

BSNL Broadband Plans AP & Telangana

BSNL Broadband Plan (Fiber)SpeedMonthly Rent in Rs6Months Rent (Rs)1 year Rent (Rs)2 Year Rent (Rs)
150GB Plan CS30050Mbps till 150GB, then 2Mbps430236545158815
Fibre Basic** (Only for New Customers)30Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps449000
BBG Combo ULD 470 CS142
50Mbps till 30GB then 2Mbps470258549350
100 GB CUL50Mbps till 100GB then 2Mbps4492745524010230
Fibre Basic Plus60Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps599071880
Super Speed Combo ULD 645 (DSL / FTTH)100Mbps till 125GB then 2Mbps6453548677313223
400GB Plan CS95100Mbps till 400GB then 2Mbps645354867730
BB Home Rural Combo ULD 650100Mbps till 5GB/day then 2Mbps6503575682513325
Fibre TB Plan100Mbps till 1000GB then 5Mbps7774274815915929
Barath Fiber Super Star 1100Mbps till 1000GB then 5Mbps779085690
Fibre Value**100Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps799095880
Fibre Value Plus100Mbps till 1500GB then 10 MBPS8494670891517405
Home Rural USOF Combo ULD (DSL)2MBPS flat8994945944018430
Barath Fiber Super St ar 2150Mbps till 2000GB then 10Mbps949000
Fibre Premium**200Mbps till 3300GB then2Mbps999019880
650GB Plan CS96200Mbp still 3.3 TB then 15Mbps104557481097321423
Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS149200Mbps till 3.3 TB then 15Mbps104557481097321423
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 3300GB then 15Mbps127770241340926179
22GB CUL200Mbps till 3.3 TB then 15Mbps129971451364026630
Fibre Ultra**300Mbps till 4000GB then 4Mbps1499079880
Fibre Silver300Mbps till 4500GB then 25Mbps19990209900
Fibre Silver Plus300Mbps till 5000GB then 30Mbps249913745262400
1400GB Plan CS20200Mbps till 4TB then 20Mbps2795153732934857298
Fibre Ruby300Mbps till 6500GB then 40Mbps4499247454724092230
Fibre Golden300Mbps till 8000GB then 50Mbps59993299562990122980
Fibre Diamond300Mbps till 12000GB then 60Mbps999954995104990204980
Fibre Platinum300Mbps till 21000GB then 70Mbps1699993495178490348480

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All the above plans are exclusively available only in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state customers with huge bandwidth, where the two states covered with many ISPs by offering huge download speeds, but now the exclusive BSNL broadband plans of AP and Telangana provides more than that with unlimited calls to any network with free landline connection.

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  1. bsnl serivce is not good people i am taken plan 750 but i am getting 959 every month i am paying on last month anwards we are not getting network but again bill come what show do this time when will get fiber connection your useing landline connection how you can solve the my problem, address: pednindrakolanu,west godavari, andhra predesh

  2. HI BSNL Team,

    Can you please help me get the FTTH . Recently FTTH was launched in our home town, But, the installation charges are so high(modem 3500 + installation 1000 + monthly internet charges1000 =5500), And they are offering only one plan (100 MBPS) .

    Praveen .

  3. Dear BSNL Team,

    I Naveen Kumar Perugu,residing at LIG-BHEL,I need a Bharat fiber connection.can you provide area in charge phone number to book a connection.


  4. I want broadband connection @ Krishanasamudram village, Annur post, Karvetinagaram mandal, Chittoor district, Andhrapradesh, 517582

  5. We are providing Bharat fiber broadband internet services in Tellapur Indira Nagar ambethkar colony komurambheem colony Shri saibalaji internet cable network
    Cell 9247180887, office 08455289361

  6. Hi,
    I would like to get BSNL Fiber connection for home in Rentachintala. Is the Fiber connections available in Rentachintala, Guntur district.

  7. Hi,

    When we can expect BSNL Fiber network and FTTH plans in Mummidivaram, East Godavari Dist, Andhra pradesh.


  8. What are the Installation charges for Fibernet connection in the Kadapa Dist – Proddatur, and RTPP, Kalamalla..?
    Can you please help me with the same?

  9. Really people are being cheated in villages and small towns, There is no proper BSNL executive to book the connections and no timely response from BSNL office, Shame on BSNL, this is why private network providers are leading in the market, Customer care wont work, Cheating and looting the people. No one knows what is the exact amount to be paid to the BSNL new connection and how mush amount is refundable. It is a big scam gng on locally, as every one aware and not coming up due to their busy life. Shame again.

  10. hello sir! we want your broadband connection in Sirivella from Kurnool (dist), We are trying for your broadband connection from six months ago and consulted your branch office in Nandyal and Allagadda there are not giving a response. so please try it fast for us

  11. Booked for FTTH at Vijayawada
    and Received mail on 6 june 2020, Till date no response. (Your request has been booked by BSNL with Pre-Lead/Reference Number: 123010715972. BSNL Sales Team will get back to you. Thank You.)

  12. Several times I tried to get work at home broadband plan for my existing landline no.08645246549 since March 2020, So far no response is received from the organization on account of covid19, Now the situation is different and relaxation from covid19 is prevailing, On 31st May 2020 I have booked my request by BSNL with prelead / Reference number: 122983411162 for Bharat Fibre plan 150GB 300CS plan, Can I get the specified connection atleast now, If so how many days required, Please ensure connection at an early date.

  13. I’m using BSNL FTTH plan 499 from February 2020, but I’m not getting the promised speed of 20mbps as per plan 499/- & also the internet is getting disconnected continuously.

  14. hi team,
    my number is 08689 – 243559, tell me the broadband plan what presently i have, i want to upgrade the plan.

    • BSNL FTTH,
      Hello BSNL, I want LAN connection, are you providing services in Pollumalla village of Maddirala Mandal, Suryapet district.

  15. Your office knows my present plan. Pl advise me a suitable plan. At present my L’L bills are high. I am a senior citizen.
    Contact no. 9849401751.
    Wg. Cdr. V. Sundaresan(retd)

  16. My bsnl broadband 9017689896, Phone no 08415 – 222223, I have not received the bill for November and December 2018.

    When called you customer care 1500, there was no response a drunken person was struggling to speak to me, he was telling me to go to bsnl office to collect the bill. I have already registered my mail id

    Please arrange for dispatch of bill immediately.


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