BSNL Project Dhanlaxmi Offers Special Discount on BSNL Bill Payment : Limited Offer

Do you know how to get a discount on BSNL landline bill payment or any postpaid outstanding clearance? Now here is a new BSNL bill payment offer introduced for all landline, broadband, mobile and Enterprise business users as a limited offer to save the budget…

As a good gesture as well as for strengthening relation with BSNL esteemed customers during Dussehra and Deepavali festive season and maximizing cash flow during festive days, it has been decided by BSNL competent authority to allow special ‘Festive Discount’ under Project Dhanlaxmi for BSNL bill payment.

BSNL Bill payment discount offer project dhanlaxmi

BSNL Bill Payment discount options in Project Dhanlaxmi

There are three types of discount options allowed to customers during BSNL bill payment in the form of cash back offer.

  • 1% Special Festive Discount on BSNL landline bill payment or for any other service on billed amount (excluding GST) on payment of current bill or bills due within one month for all services / segments.
  • 2% Festive Discount for Enterprise Business segment on billed amount (excluding GST) on payment of bills irrespective of pay-by-date.
  • 3% Special BSNL bill payment discount for this festivity on all services / segments on billed amount (excluding GST) on payment of which are due within five months or paid in advance.

BSNL Project Dhanlaxmi Procedure

Here is the process about how you get discount on BSNL landline bill payment or broadband/FTTH payment in respect of current bills or old outstanding’s or future advance payments.

  • For postpaid bills of CFA and Cellular Mobile verticals, the customer has to be done the BSNL bill payment in full amount and the discount will be effected/adjusted/credited in the next coming bill.
  • Bills of Enterprise Business vertical like leased circuits allows with both the options
    1. Provision of short-payment (i.e. deducting discount) followed by crediting the discount in the billing system.
    2. Payment of full amount and the discount will be effected/adjusted/credited subsequently.
  • Respective Data Centre / Billing Zone and Circle will take necessary precaution/action, so that the connections do not appear in dunning list for residual amount (i.e. discount portion).
  • Concerned Commercial Officer, AOTR and Incharge of CSC and Cash Collection Centre are authorised to accept short payment (i.e. deducting discount).

Can we get BSNL bill payment discount even after pay by date?

  • For the current bills which will be paid after pay-by-date up to 07-11-2018, BSNL bill payment discount as announced will be allowed and.

Will the late payment fee charged after pay by date?

  • No, the late payment surcharge (delayed payment charge) will not be levied for the customers who pay the outstanding bills during special festive discount offer period under Project Dhanlaxmi.

BSNL starts wide publicity to reach this BSNL Project Dhanlaxmi discount offer to every customer through Press, Media, Social Media, Bulk SMS etc. and create massive awareness amongst BSNL employees to maximise collection of revenue during the Festival period.

Also, orders their all BSNL Cash Collection Centres and CSCs to open on all festive days (including Saturdays and Sundays) during Dussehra and Deepavali. This new BSNL Project Dhanlaxmi discount offer for each BSNL bill payment will available as a promotional offer during Dussehra and Deepavali from 18.10.2018 to 07.11.2018.

Viewing the results of Project Dhanlakshmi are very encouraging. Keeping in view of the outcome of the Project and feedback received from the field units, it has been decided to extend the scheme up to Kartik Purnima/ Guru Nanak Birth Day i.e. up to 23.11.2018. So all the customers, try this lucrative offer and save your budget by availing this new BSNL postpaid bill payment discount.

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