BSNL Bharat Fiber for Ultra Speed Unlimited Internet

What is BSNL Fiber, how can we avail this new FTTH technology to our home and the new Bharat fibernet plans available in India at defined price tag for subscription to connect to the corporate world digitally at ultra speed…

BSNL Fiber

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has started high speed broadband upto 300Mbps speed using FTTH technology named as Bharat Fiber service which is previously called as FTTH (Fiber to the Home), and this has been provided to all its customers which is intended as a rival plan for its counterpart Jio and Airtel Broadband.

By providing this home fiber service, BSNL is set to provide 35 GB data per day with maximum speed to its customers and the price to be charged is as low as 1.1 rupees per GB. The customers who have subscribed themselves with FTTH under yearly plans are applicable for free subscription which will be added to their account with New account benefits, and this Service from BSNL is called Bharat fiber.

Booking for BSNL fiber in online has been started through the company website, and to expand its service by providing internet to every home in India and Digit has confirmed that BSNL internet data will be transmitted through FTTH rather than capability, BSNL provides a speed of 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps FTTH plans based on the local competition and customers can check their state wise plans from the given portal.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Plans from 20Mbps to 200 Mbps

BSNL Bharat Fiber

Why BSNL FTTH is Rating better Reviews other services

BSNL has come with new plans with a moderate price range, as this service uses current FTTH plans which can be found on the website, and the best part of BSNL Home fibre network, its server’s everyone in India and usually it is going to have a high preference.

As Jio’s GigaFibre is not spread in remote areas, BSNL thus offers internet service at the basic price they have currently listed in their website, and the speed provided by Bharat fiber consists of Free ONT as per the subscription which is an extra Free ONT facility.

The basic plan providing 100GB per month at 20 Mbps speed and later 2 Mbps speed is provided at Rs 499, which is the least plan from any data service provider, and the highest package for commercial service comes at 16,999 Rs giving 100 Mbps speed and providing 170 GB per day.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Internet Service Extract

  • Provides High Quality High Definition Video on Demand (VoD) and Audio on Demand (AoD)
  • Bandwidth on Demand as per the plan and configuration
  • Provides Best Connectivity for Remote Education, Virtual classroom and Multi Point Video Conferencing and for Interactive Gaming
  • Unlimited VOIP calling service
  • Fault Free High Definition Internet Service

Also, with this connection customers do get Free Hotstar VIP and Super Star 500 offers along with a Hotstar Premium account. Get all your Paid Star channels free with Bharat fiber subscription, and BSNL provides free phone service for any select Plan, through which customers can make 24 hours and 365 days free calling to any network in India.

  1. What Upload Speed does BSNL Bharat fiber Service Provide?
    • As per the plan selected, the upload speed of a connection is the same as the download speed, and as data transmission is done through fibre, the speed at both ends is the same and will be similar to mention plan data download speed.
  2. What is the charge taken for BSNL FTTH installation?
    • Installation charges for BSNL Home FTTH service are zero for the plans above 699 monthly rent and thus it only charges select plan respective monthly installment.
  3. Which is the best Plan for New BSNL Bharat fiber Customer?
    • BSNL 777 fiber plan is one of the best in terms of ultra speed connectivity, but it is a promotional offer for 6months from date of installation and automatically migrates to 849 plan.
  4. Any discounts applicable for BSNL Bharat Fiber service?
    • New Advance rental discount option or annual plans is applicable for already subscribed customers and also for the new customers, which provides additional free subscriptions in months as per 1/2/3 year activation for Bharat fiber service.
  5. What is BSNL FTTH & Fibernet and Bharat Fiber?
    • Bharat Fiber is the service (brand) under Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology for ultra speed internet connectivity offered to customers on PAN India basis provides directly by BSNL or through Telecom Infrastructure Providers (TIP) / Franchisees.

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  1. I am Pradeep Ramteke residing at village:- thana, district:- Bhandara, state :- Maharashtra
    wanted to find an optic fibre internet connection for my home but unable to know the service in my area for optic fibre internet conneciton.
    As i have seen the plans on site i would like to get a connection.
    please respond ASAP

  2. I have changed my bb plan fro 2GB daily to superstar 300 for DSL online for id 1018792522 For 020 26613449 on 23rd of april and bsnl says that for activating the new plan it will take 2-3 business days but today is 27th april, Till mow I didn’t get any message or any other details of the activation of plan, Just got request number 8029273540, And while checking online of tracking service provision it say service order is created and didn’t get any further updated status, Can you please tell me when it is going to update and while calling to customer care no one is answering but for bill payment there is daily call coming from BSNL, So please tell me when it is going to change my plan.

  3. All big words, nice to hear and read,but not in action, I live very much in the center of city municipal area in Coimbatore just two kms from the nearest BSNL telephone exchange, In spite of several requests for Bharat Fiber connection nothing has materialized for the past several, For your info I already have BSNL Broadband at home ,of course the service is not to my satisfaction especially during last three days with interruption once in every five minutes, Hoping OFC will give a satisfactory response and service.


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