BSNL Assam STV (Special Tariff Vouchers) / New Rate Cutters

Here is the list of BSNL Assam STV plans for prepaid customers to have limited & unlimited 4G calls, data as per the new FUP limits, Just check the special tariff voucher price and tariff of each rate cutter and special benefits in required STV under GSM mobile services of Assam cirlce.

BSNL’s new plans included for both the prepaid and postpaid payment methods in Assam telecom circle, while the services that are added include increase in Talk time, where quarterly and yearly plan of BSNL have Extra free time as an added benefit.

On the other hand, the combo packs have also been increased which revamps their daily limits to be more now in Assam telecom circle, and the major change is the increase in the FUP for voice and the bandwidth for BSNL prepaid mobile plan users increase more for the subscriptions, let’s check the new tariff.

BSNL Assam STVs / Rate Cutter Price & Tariff

Price in RsTypeFree DataFree Voice CallsFree SMSValidity
18Combo1.8 GB/day250min/ dayNil2 Days
29Combo1 GB
( Total)
250min/ day including Mumbai & Delhi300 SMS (total)5 Days
47Combo1GB250min/ dayNil7 Days
78Combo3GB/day250Min/dayNil8 Days
97Combo2 GB per day250Min/day
including Delhi & Mumbai
10018 Days
118Combo0.5GB/day250min/dayNil26 Days
187Combo2GB data/day250Min/ day
Including Mumbai 7 Delhi
Nil28 Days
199Combo1GB/day250Min/ dayCricket28 days
298Combo1GB data/day250Min/ day
including Mumbai & Delhi
10054 Days
319Combo250min/dayNil75 Days
395Combo2GB data/dayOnnet 3000 mins & Offnet 1800 mins there after 20paisa/ minutesNil71 Days
429Combo1 GB data/day250min/ day + Free Caller Tunes10081 Days
499Combo1GB/day250Min/ day including Delhi & Mumbai10090 Days
599Combo5GB dayFree 250 Mins/day10084 Days
699VoiceNilUnlimited Local/Std CallsNil28 Days
13Data2GB Per dayNilNil1 Day
35Data1GB/dayNilNil5 Days
56Data1.5GB per dayNilNil14 Days
98Data2GB/dayNilNil22 Days
198Data2GB per dayNilNil54 Days
551Data5GB/dayNilNil90 Days
998Data2GB per dayNilNil240 Days
1098DataUnlimited Data250Min/ day10084 Days
12SMSNilNil130(Total)7 Days
24SMSNilNil265 (Total)15 Days
31SMSNilNil385 (Total)30 Days
52SMSNilNil860 (Total)30 Days
99VoiceNil250 Min/ dayNil22 Days
319VoiceNil250 minutes/ dayNil84 Days

For any of the above STV plans, Assam prepaid customers can recharge BSNL prepaid mobile online or with CTOPUP at retailer, Choose the best rate cutter for your requirement and