BSNL Adilabad Broadband & Mobile Plans with 14 CSC List

Complete list of BSNL broadband over fiber optic and 4G mobile plans in Adilabad telecom district along with 14 CSC list is presented here for ready reference.

Check each customer contact center address and phone number to approach easily for nearby service center to better BSNL services.

BSNL Adilabad Telecom District Home & Business Broadband Plans for Rural & Urban Areas

BSNL 4G Mobile Plans for Adilabad Telecom district

BSNL Adilabad Telecom District (SSA) Customer Service Center Address with Contact Phone Number

  • The following BSNL Adilabad telecom district Customer Service Center (CSC) will function in all working days, so you may check the BSNL holidays list for Adilabad district now before approaching the contact center
Station/Area Address of BSNL CSC Contact Telephone Number
Adilabad  G.M. Office, Adilabad – 504001 08732 – 236900
Mancherial BSNL Customer Service Center, Mancherial 08736 – 259200
Nirmal Customer Service Center, Nirmal 08734 – 244800
Bellampally C.S.C, Telephone Exchange, Bellampally 08735 – 222666
Utnoor BSNL Customer Service Center, , Utnoor – 504311 08731 – 275500
Khanapur C.S.C, Khanapur – 591302 08730 – 290000
Luxittipet Customer Service Center, Luxittipet 08739 – 238888
Coal Chemical Complex BSNL CSC, Coal Chemical Complex 08736 – 239000
Ramakrishnapuram C.S.C, Ramakrishnapuram 08736 – 257777
Bainsa BSNL, Customer Service Center, Bainsa 08752 – 231378
Sirpur Kagaznagar CSC, BSNL, Sirpur Kagaznagar 08738 – 238088
Echoda BSNL Customer Service Center, Echoda 08751 – 251200
Asifabad BSNL CSC, Asifabad – 504293 08733 – 279299
Chinnur Customer Service Center, Chinnur – 504201 08736 – 241200
Kalyanakhani BSNL C.S.C, Kalyanakhani 08736 – 257777

All India BSNL customer care services complete contact details – Get now

BSNL Adilabad telecom district caters the services to 5 new revenue districts (Adilabad, Komaram Bheem, Mancherial, Nirmal), where all the rural and urban area customers of the following mandal wise areas may contact any of the above BSNL CSC near to you for more information on latest broadband and 4G mobile plans

Komaram Bheem Revenue District Mandals

  • Wankidi, Bejjur, Lingapur, Penchicalpet, Jainoor , Kagaznagar, Tiryani, Kouthala, Komaram Bheem, Chintalamanepally, Kerameri, Dahegoan, Sirpur (U), Sirpur(T), Rebbena.

Adilabad Revenue District Mandals

  • Adilabad (Urban), Adilabad (Rural), Mavala, Gudihatnoor, Bazarhatnoor, Talamadugu, Tamsi, Bela, Boath, Jainath, Indervelly, Narnoor, Utnoor, Gadiguda

Mancherial District Mandals

  • Chennur, Jaipur, Bheemaram(new), Kotapally, Luxettipet, Mancherial, Naspur (new), Hajipur (new), Mandamarri, Dandepally, Jannaram, Bellampally, Kasipet, Bellampally, Vemanpally, Nennel, Tandur, Bheemini, Kannepally(new)

Nirmal District Revenue District Mandals

  • Basar, Bhainsa, Dasturabad, Dilawarpur, Kaddam (peddur), Khanapur, Kubeer, Kuntala, Laxmanchanda, Lokeswaram, Mamda, Mudhole, Narsapur G, Nirmal, Nirmal Rural, Pembi, Sarangapur, Soan, Tanur

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2 thoughts on “BSNL Adilabad Broadband & Mobile Plans with 14 CSC List”

  1. im a csc vle please tell us hou we can get static ip
    dis lakhimpur kheri
    block bhoolbehar gram bamhanpur
    post kanchanpur

    and wifi choupal is in our area

    • Static IP allowed only for the plans above 1000, so please approach CSC and submit your request to concerned for plan above 1000 along with Static IP provision under FTTH service if available.


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