BSNL 4G Plus Login For Unlimited High Speed Internet On BroadFi

What is BSNL 4G plus? Is it a 4G/4G LTE network like another telecom operators in India who are offering 4G services?

In India, Reliance JIO is offering 4G through VOLTE sim card for free for some days on PAN India basis, and Airtel is advancing 4G through LTE technologies according to their license in some circles. Now BSNL is offering their 4G data services through BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspots which is known as sim card free service to use best high speed internet.

This provided hotspot is more beneficial than other telecom operators in the country. Now we confer the detailed info on this BSNL 4G WiFi plus hotspot. So that you can know about this 4G internet, how these are more useful than others and how you are beneficial with this best wifi hotspot service? Let’s start this BSNL 4G plus hotspot info from hardware.

What are the hardware equipment’s involved to rendering 4G internet services?

  • One BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot is holding two units in the size of tiffin box. They are
    • AP (Access Point)
    • POE Switch
  • These two units will works on 230 volts AC power.

What can AP(Access Point) do?

  • It is the point to join customer’s wireless devices (mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, etc..) with WiFi signals.
  • Each Access point will provide a range of 40 to 50 meters of wireless data coverage.
  • At a time 150 numbers of customers will get connected into the network to use the internet.
  • This access point will send the web traffic generated by the customers to POE switch through a CAT5 cable.

What will POE switch do?

  • POE switch will have two nodes. One will connect to the internet through transmission media provided.
  • The other end connects with one or multiple A.P’s provided. The internet traffic generated by connected AP’s will send to NIB through the transmission media.

BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot services

When we entered into our home, we are switching on the Landline broadband WiFi modem and selects our WiFi modem name or SSID to connect to our subscribed high-speed internet.

Like this, I and you when entering into a BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot zone, we can see three types of SSID’s in our mobile or wireless devices. As per the service required, we can connect to that SSID to enjoy the seamless internet WiFi. The three types of BSNL 4G plus WiFi Hotspot services or SSID’s offered to customers are

  1. BSNL 4G Plus using 3G data subscription
  2. WiFi with vouchers
  3. BSNL BroadFi using broadband user

Let you know about the three topics briefly.

BSNL 4G Plus using 3G data subscription

Who can use this BSNL 4G Plus using mobile data services?

  • The customers who can subscribe for BSNL 2G/3G data plans are allowed to use this 4G internet services.
  • When you enter into a WiFi hotspot zone of BSNL, will connect to BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot each time automatically to use best high speed internet.

Are there any charges to use this service?

  • No there is no extra fees for using this 4G Plus hotspots of BSNL, and the consumed data at 4G hotspot billed in the subscribed 2G/3G data plans.

How can we use BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot If not subscribed to BSNL data plans?

BSNL 4G APN Settings

Can a customer install BSNL 4G APN settings separately?

  • To use this BSNL 4G plus hotspots, there is no APN’s, just add 4G WiFi network and use various options to use 4G internet.

In a bid to counter private mobile operators, these BSNL 4.5G hot spots are necessary for this present competition. Also, day by day BSNL 3G data speed is decreasing due to the heavy increase of customers on the 3G network. To divert the traffic and to offer great speeds at same 3G rates, best high speed internet BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspots is the solution.


The customers who didn’t subscribe for BSNL can use this WiFi hotspot service. It means other network users or any Laptop/wireless device users who want to use the internet using BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot access can use this option.

For this, the user can get 100MB free data at first time on registration. After completion of that open data, you can buy the separate best mobile hotspot plans available online utilizing BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot for that login session on downloading 4G plus app.

BSNL Broad Fi

The customer who subscribes for BSNL landline broadband can exercise these Broad Fi services when he/she enters into a BSNL 4G Plus WiFi hotspot zone. The patrons who will use this BSNL Broad Fi do not have to use any vouchers or data plans to utilize the best wifi hotspot service.

Also, there are no charges for BSNL Broad Fi data connection or usage. Utilizing the BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot services by using Broad Fi, you will have to input your landline broadband user id with password.

The entire consumed data at 4G plus hotspot using BSNL Broad Fi billed in cheap home internet broadband service. Also, all the BSNL broadband internet plans are treated as 4G business broadband unlimited plans for 4G internet services.

BSNL Broad Fi Connecting Process

We present the step by step connecting procedure for BSNL 4G broadband with the following

  • Note down your own BSNL broadband user id and password
  • Go to BSNL 4G Plus WiFi hotspot zone
  • Turn On your WLAN or WiFi on your mobile handset or wireless device
  • You will show the available WiFi networks (SSID’s)
  • Choose BSNL BroadFi
  • You will redirect to next page for necessary settings
  • Check the following parameters for activation of BSNL BroadFi
  • EAP method as “PEAP.”
  • Phase 2Authentication as “None.”
  • CA Certification as “Unspecified”
  • Enter your BSNL broadband user id in Identity field
  • Submit your broadband password in specified field
  • Click on Connect
  • Immediately BSNL 4G plus wifi hotspot will send the entered information to Broadband NIB and connects you with landline broadband user id.
  • If not connected it gives an error by showing the user id filed again.
  • Then enter your BSNL broadband user id in Anonymous Identity also for BSNL WiFi sign in
  • Confirm IP settings as DHCP mode and Proxy as None along with Security as 802.1xEAP
  • Click on Connect again.
  • Immediately, you will connect to 4G plus WiFi hotspot using Broad Fi (BSNL 4G broadband) and you will display the BSNL Broad Fi status as Connected.

BSNL 4G Plus Broad Fi

BSNL Broad Fi IP address

  • Telecom brand connects you dynamically. The connected IP address changes every time when connects. You can check that IP by just clicking on the BSNL Broad Fi status.
  • Immediately a new window will open with connected IP address and WiFi signal strength.

Telecom brand has also unveiled plans to launch different BSNL Broad Fi plans according to user requirement. If you are a corporate/enterprise customer requires different plans, approach BSNL to install 4G plus hotspot in your location. This BSNL BroadFi is going to be the best wireless internet service. It’s relatively straightforward to connect high speed wireless internet.

Who can maintain this BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspots

  • ISP selected and outsourced to L&T (Larsen and Turbo) for installation and maintenance of this new WiFi Hotspots. L&T company has given a subcontract to JAVI for installation and to attend the faults.
  • After installation and visiting the errors at any time, JAVI team will support. For that BSNL executive will have to give the feedback to JAVI team. It is all for proper maintenance of BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspots.

What is the vital role of BSNL employees in this WiFi hotspot services?

  • The major role of BSNL employees is communicating with the customers directly. It is at every hotspot locations with necessary hoardings about the activation pattern, tariffs, and usage.
  • Also, identifying the best locations to install 4G Plus WiFi hotspots.

BSNL 4G plus speed

Do you know the speed of these services is? Let’s take a look about that.

  • The highest rate of speed in this BSNL WiFi hotspot zone using any option is 20Mbps.
  • If you are in BSNL 3G coverage area, at present, it gives 4 to 8Mbps. But this connects up to 20Mbps in 4G WiFi hotspot area by using the same 3G data packs or broadband user id as BroadFi.
    • Ex:- If you subscribe to BSNL broadband plans wired, then you will get the same broadband speed of your home plan when connects your wireless device at BSNL 4G WiFi Hotspot location using Broad Fi.

How to get rid from WiFi android authentication problem or WiFi access limited?

  1. To over the issue of WiFi android authentication problem, you have to restart your mobile or wireless device once.
  2. If you are getting WiFi access limited, first restart your gadgets, even it is not rectified, then complain to local authorities of BSNL.

It is the best service to provide mesmeric best high speed internet facility by using BSNL Mobile Data Offloading (MDO).

The recent entry JIO also introduced their hotspot devices separately to use their hotspots. But with BSNL 4G plus WiFi, is not required to buy a hotspot device. So, use this 4G WiFi network and make your mobile as a BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot device.

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