BSNL WiMax Unlimited Broadband Plans

BSNL WiMAX (Wireless Broadband), a unique technology for the first time in India. BSNL WiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) provides fixed as well as fully mobile high-speed broadband connectivity along with Roaming feature having wireless connectivity for high-speed broadband with latest BSNL Unlimited Internet Plans 2016 at lowest tariff.

BSNL Introduced Limited and Unlimited Postpaid Plans for Home Users in Wireless Broadband(WiMAX) Services. These plans are having a download speed of minimum 512 Kbps and maximum up to 2 Mbps, Customers can choose any of the Limited and Unlimited Wireless Internet Broadband Plans accordingly, as per their requirement.

BSNL WiMAX Unlimited Plans

BSNL offers three types of Limited usage Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) plans WI-240, WI-385, WI-825 which are applicable for all Home and Business users by allowing a bandwidth of 512 Kbps to 2Mbps. BSNL has also offered Flat 512Kbps Unlimited WiMAX Plan HOWI825 for only Home Users and high-speed WiMAX Business Plans for ALL Users.

BSNL Wireless Broadband Tariff – Latest WiMAX Plans 2017

Particulars Limited WiMAX Plans Unlimited WiMAX Plans
WI 240 WI 385 WI 825 HOWI 825
Bandwidth (if technically feasible) 512 Kbps to 2Mbps 1Mbps
Applicability All Users Only for Home Users *
Single/Multi Users (SU/MU) Single User
Activation/Installation charges in Rs. NIL
Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) in Rs. 240 385 825 825
Annual Payment in Rs.(11*FMC) 2640 4235 9075 9075
FMC for I/D and O/D CPE in Rs. 50 40
Annual Payment Option in Rs.(11*FMC)
for Indoor and Outdoor CPE
550 440
Fixed Monthly Charges for USB Dongle of BSNL in Rs. 40 30
Annual Payment Option in Rs.(11*FMC)
for USB Dongle provided by BSNL
440 330
Free usage per month 400 MB 1.0 GB 4.0 GB Unlimited
Additional usage charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) 0.30 up to 5GB, 0.15 after that Not Applicable
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/5 MB 2/5 MB
Static IP Address (On Request) Not Available

For all the plans mentioned above, Security Deposit is ONE MONTH Rental Charges of subscribed Plans and Minimum Hire Period is ONE MONTH, where the above rates are exclusive of Service Tax, which will charge as per existing rates.

BSNL has reduced the prices of Wireless Broadband Services (WiMAX) CPE(Customer Premises Equipment) Charges for Outright Purchase from BSNL to a uniform rate along with the new connection.

Customers who require new connection shall also Apply WiMAX Online at BSNL Portal to avail the world-class telecom services from BSNL, who committed with greater customer satisfaction with any of the above mentioned BSNL WiMAX (Wireless Internet) Unlimited Broadband Plans.



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