BSNL WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) Frequently Asked Questions

WiMAX (Wireless Broadband) stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is a unique technology being deployed by BSNL for the first time in India.

WiMAX technology provides fixed as well as fully mobile high speed broadband connectivity along with roaming feature. It provides users, a thrilling Internet browsing experience. BSNL offers three types of Customer Premises Equipments (CPE) as Outdoor CPE, Indoor CPE and USB dongle from which customers can choose as per their application requirements.

  • Indoor Equipment :- Best suited for Home/Office users and it can be used in moving vehicle also.
  • Dongle Equipment :- Small Dongle can be connected directly to PC / Laptop via USB port.
  • Outdoor Equipment :- Suitable for remote and rural areas which can be used upto 15 Kilometers distance (Line of sight) from BTS site.

Frequently Asked Questions on BSNL WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) Services

1. What is WiMAX(Wireless Broadband)?

  • WiMAX acronym meaning “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access”.It is an IP based Wireless Broadband Access Technology utilizing IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard as the air interface.

2. Why should you choose BSNL WiMAX(Wireless Broadband)?

  • Internet browsing at lightning speed, Data Download/Upload at very high speed upto 7Mbps, Superior Performance, World’s latest wireless broadband technology, Very low cost and low starting tariff, Wide range of User friendly plans andBSNL WiMAXServices are the best high speed broadband wireless services which have a connectivity upto 7 Mbps, Leased Lines VPN Services, Web based Video Conferencing.

3. What is the range of WiMAX(Wireless Broadband)?

  • Range of WiMAX: 15 Kms for Rural area (LOS). and 4 Kms for Urban area.

4. What is the data transfer speed of WiMAX technology for end users?

  • User can expect to have broadband access speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

5. What will WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) services offer to the average consumer?

  • WiMAX will provide broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime, for any device includes
  1. High speed internet access.
  2. Substantially increase data speeds for applications like Online Gaming, Streaming Video and Video Conferencing.

6. What is the difference between WiMAX and Wi-Fi?

  • WiMAX is the Next Generation of Wireless Broadband instead of “Wi-Fi”. It can connect you to the internet in faster speed and wider coverage compared to Wi-Fi that can only be connected on Hotspots like Hotels, Restaurants, Airports and Recreation Center etc.

7. What are the benefits of WiMAX?

  • Convenience: You can move around the CPE device and get the Internet access everywhere in your home, and in the office. And you can subscribe only one connection for both office and home use.
  • No Wire Required: No Wire, No Telephone connection required.
  • Quick setup & activation: WiMAX setup and activation are quick and fast. You don’t have to wait for telephone running.
  • Quality connection: Using WiMAX you can browsing at a very good speed.

8. Who can use WiMAX?

  • WiMAX is most suitable for home users, individual, small office and home office. Customer who want to use internet at home and in the office but want to subscribe only one connection can use this facility. Customer for those who have no phone line at the location and / or live in the rented apartments can also use WiMAX Connection.

9. What do I need to get WiMAX connection?

  • You will need your desktop or laptop computer with Ethernet card and the wireless device i.e. CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). CPE can be purchased from BSNL or can be provided on monthly rent as you apply for WiMAX connection.

10. Do I need to apply for phone-line to have the WiMAX service?

  • No. WiMAX is wireless technology so there is no need to apply for a phone line.

11. What is the cost of CPE? 

  • The cost of CPE is Rs 1500/- uniformly for Indoor/Outdoor and USB CPEs

12. Is WiMAX secure?

  • Yes. WiMAX technology incorporates much better and more flexible security support than the Wi-Fi standard. All user traffic is encrypted before being routed through the Network.

13. Is WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) safe?

  • Yes. It is safe and there is no harmful effect on human body.

14. How can customer connect the computer to the WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) Service?

  • Customer have to connect your Computer to CPE using Ethernet cable.

15. Swaping from Post-paid to Pre-paid? 

  • Yes, It is possible. You have to Close the corresponding post-paid connection and create a fresh connection for Pre-paid. Rental CPE is not allowed for Pre-Paid connection. If the CPE is in rental for Post-paid, Ask him to purchase from BSNL or outside.

16. Can I run VoIP over WiMAX(Wireless Broadband)?

  • Yes, you can use VoIP in following manner
  1. PC to PC (In India and Outside).
  2. PC to Phone (Outside India).

The above are the most general Frequently Asked Questions by many of the customers regarding with Prepaid and Postpaid BSNL WiMAX(Wireless Broadband) Services.



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