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How much speed can BSNL unlimited broadband plans are offering with an internet connection? Which BSNL broadband plan is best for home or my business? These are the questions in most of the user minds at the present situation because after the entry of Reliance Jio many operators are introduced various high bandwidth broadband and mobile plans.

Even the different types of broadband tariffs launched, no one provides the reliable bandwidth and transparent billing like BSNL because the operator offers BSNL unlimited broadband plans with free landline calling at every nook and corner of India through FTTH and DSL.

At present, ISP is offering their BSNL broadband services through a landline to you with a minimum download speed of 8Mbps and maximum of 100Mbps. All these BSNL unlimited broadband plans are available in technologies like ADSL, VDSL, FTTH, WiMAX, and latest 4G+ WiFi hotspots.

BSNL unlimited broadband plans

In olden days few people had access to the unlimited high-speed internet for Home in rural areas. But now every one requires ultra speed downloads. For that, BSNL is providing 4G+ WiFi hotspots in various locations in the countryside across India to provide WiFi broadband access by offering a max of 20Mbps speed.

BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plan Details

Now BSNL is concentrating on expansion of Fiber to the home network to every B class city also. In parallel to that, BSNL NGN (next generation network) a versatile program is in progress to provide IP based interface to make use of multiple broad bands, QoS-enabled transport technologies.

Considering the availability of bandwidth and competition in particular area, ISP introduces new high-speed BSNL unlimited broadband plans over DSL and FTTH technologies.

What do today’s BSNL broadband customers think?

  • New Services at the lowest cost.
  • Value for his money.
  • Bundled services from one operator.
  • Trusted Billing.

These all are available with PAN India ISP. The newly introduced BSNL landline broadband plans are the mesmeric type with unlimited calling to any network during night times and on full Sundays.

The ISP provides Truly unlimited BSNL unlimited broadband plans start at low price Rs.249 as monthly charges.

In this present globalization also, Governments ISP is the source in many areas regarding connectivity and speed because private operators provide the connections only where they have profits.

How to apply for BSNL broadband connection?

There are two ways to get the installation of BSNL broadband new connection with mentioned below options having latest internet plans.

  • Apply BSNL broadband online.
  • Approach BSNL Customer care center available in your area with your Aadhaar card as POI & POA for immediate processing.

Will an existing customer link Aadhaar card to BSNL broadband connection?

  • BSNL Aadhaar card link online or offline is applicable only for prepaid or postpaid customers. Any other telecom service is not required to link with Aadhar number. But have to submit a photocopy of Aadhaar card a POI/POA.

Choose the best broadband plan for BSNL

  • There are many BSNL unlimited broadband plans available in the market offering unlimited internet.
  • You can choose the best plan depends on the requirement for downloads, uploads and monthly budget.
  • For this, you can use BSNL Best BB Plan selector to choose the best plan according to your usage and budget.
  • If you require small budget BSNL unlimited broadband plans, you can opt for BSNL broadband 249.
  • Requires middle-range plan, you can opt for BSNL broadband unlimited plan BBG Combo UL 675 with some free voice calls.
  • Ultra speed internet bandwidth requirement means, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited provides you the Fiber to the home network.
  • Anyone needs high storage email ID BSNL unlimited broadband plans, then opt for 100GB storage schemes. i.e., ASOM.
  • Finally, Free Static IP address plans are also available in DSL/VDSL/FTTH network if required
Deposits for BSNL landline broadband connection
  • Customer who needs BSNL landline broadband connection has to pay some amount as security deposit charges. All the deposits for BSNL broadband new connection are refundable to the client.
    • Ex:- If a new customer requires 999 broadband plan means to pay Rs. 500 as Landline deposit + Rs.999 as the broadband security deposit.
Security Deposit for Amount Charged in Rs.
Landline Local + STD = Rs.500 and ISD = Rs.2000
Limited, and Unlimited Broadband Combo Plans BSNL with FMC up to Rs.500 provides on DSL/FTTH 500
BSNL broadband combo unlimited plans on DSL/FTTH with monthly rent greater than Rs.500 One Month FMC charges
BSNL Broadband only plans on DSL/FTTH One Month Rent

Due to the stiff competition in each area, Telecom major launched different BSNL unlimited broadband plans. Also, with new speeds in each circle and even in some SSA’s at attractive tariffs.

  • Ex:- BSNL introduces new plans for Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, etc. Also for entire Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, UP West, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, etc.

All these unique internet plans differ from the existing All India BSNL unlimited broadband plans and If you want to check whether your area covers with BSNL new broadband plans for fastest internet speed, check it now below and compare with the latest unlimited internet plans of BSNL.

Specific high-speed unlimited broadband plans of BSNL available in your area

We are presenting category and technology wise total list of unlimited BSNL unlimited broadband plans with precise navigation to give the best information. So let’s start with DSL and ends with BSNL Fiber to Home technology and most burning faqs.

BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans 2018

Combo means a combination. The tariff plans which are introduced by BSNL in conjunction with free calling and unlimited internet by waiving of telephone rental charges is BSNL combo broadband plans.

If a customer subscribes to any BSNL broadband unlimited plan of combo service can pay only BB rental charges to avail landline + Unlimited internet services.

  • Ex:- 249 is a combo scheme, If you subscribe to BSNL broadband 249, then the customer will have to pay Rs.249 only for both landline and broadband services.

BSNL Broadband 249

  • 249 is the cheapest new BSNL broadband unlimited plan in entire industry introduced by BSNL in the name of Experience Unlimited BB249.
  • Since 2015 ISP offers latest BSNL unlimited broadband plans for home under combo category from time to time. In this scenario, broadband 249 is the most significant and best starting plan for entire India.
  • All the new users are eligible to apply for this BSNL broadband unlimited plan through online or by approaching concerned area BSNL customer service center with Aadhaar card.
  • The major attraction in this tariff is offering unlimited internet at 8Mbps up to 5GB and after that at 1Mbps speed for entire downloads up to 300 GB in a month.
  • After the launch, the customers in all India has given a positive review on BSNL 249 plan. So it becomes like the best BSNL combo broadband plan.
  • Along with internet facility, BSNL unlimited calling service is also available for this scheme. It is available from 9 PM to 7 AM at every day and entire 24hours on Sundays.
BSNL 1199 Plan
  • It is one of the best BSNL Broadband unlimited plan under combo category allows up to 10Mbps broadband speed till 40GB and after that 2Mbps up to the month end.
  • The major attraction of this postpaid broadband plan is offering unlimited calls to any network during 24hours 365 days.
  • A similar plan for this 1199 is BSNL 1599 plan, and it allows 70GB up to 10Mbps speed and after 2mbps with same free calling facility.

BSNL Combo Broadband Plans

Unlimited plan name Download Speed Up to (As feasible) FUP Limit Speed after Limit Monthly rent in Rs without GST Yearly Rent in Rs without GST Free calls Email ID / Space
Experience BSNL Broadband 249 (Unlimited*) 8Mbps 5GB 1Mbps 249 NA As per Landline 1/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 499 Plan 10GB 499 5489 Nil
BBGCombo UL 675 10 Mbps 10GB 2 Mbps 675 7425 100
BBG Combo ULD 680 ASOM 10GB 680 7480 100 1/100GB
BBG Combo ULD 845 20GB 845 8745 Nil 2/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 945 20GB 945 9295 350 1/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM 20GB 950 10450 350 1/100GB
BBG Combo ULD 999 30GB 999 10989 400 1/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 1199 50GB 1199 13189 24 hours Unlimited Free Calls on any Network in India
BBG Combo ULD 1495 10Mbps 70GB 2Mbps 1495 16445 2/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 1599 80GB 1599 17589 1/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL 16Mbps 70GB 1745 19195
BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 16 Mbps 100GB 2295 25245
BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL 24Mbps 100GB 2Mbps 2845 31295

$ = Applicable only for Gram Panchayats provided by BBNL under NOFN project

ASOM: Additional Storage on Messaging Service.

BSNL Broadband Non-Combo Plans

The unlimited broadband plans of BSNL introduced to offer the internet services to customers without any combination is known as BSNL broadband non-combo plans. These are the tariffs proposed.

  • Ex:- 545 is BSNL broadband unlimited plan, if a customer subscribes to 545 scheme, he has to pay Rs. 545 as broadband monthly rental charges + Telephone rent of accepted landline plan.

The following is the total list of BSNL non-combo broadband plans available in All India market applicable for Rural and Urban area customers.

BSNL Broadband Plan Download Speed Up to (As Feasible) FUP Limit Speed after Limit Monthly rent without GST Yearly Rent (GST extra) Free calls Email ID / Space
BBG UL 545 8Mbps 15GB 1Mbps 545 5995 As per subscribed Landline Plan 1/1GB
BBG ULD 795 10Mbps 20GB 2Mbps 795 8745 2/1GB
BBG ULD 1275 60GB 1275 14025

BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans Without Landline Connection

In India, since many years BSNL offers broadband services through landline network only. For some areas even there is copper cable network availability, enormous damages caused it.

So, there is no feasibility to work both broadband and landline facilities at a time. To overcome that situation telecom brand has launched BSNL broadband only plans to the customers where there is no feasibility for landline facility.

Many of the customers didn’t know how to get BSNL broadband connection without landline phone?

There is no particular procedure to avail this unlimited BSNL unlimited broadband plans without a landline. Approach BSNL care and avail the programs which are available with some discounts as follows.

Unlimited plan name Download Speed Up to (As feasible) FUP Limit Speed after Limit Monthly rent (GST extra) Yearly Rent (GST extra) Free calls Email ID / Space
BBO ULD 799 10Mbps 20GB 2Mbps 799 8789 Not Applicable 1/1GB
BBO ULD 949 30GB 949 10439
BBO ULD 1199 50GB 1199 13189
BBO ULD 1449 60GB 1449 15939


FTTH calls as BSNL Fibernet. It is a unique technology changes the face of today’s communication system by adopting the state of art of technologies.

This technology provides stable access platform from 1Mbps to 100Mbps with the following BSNL unlimited broadband plans.

BSNL Fibernet Plan Name FibroULD 3999 Fibro ULD5999 FibroULD 9999 Fibro ULD 16999
Download Speed with FUP Up to 20Mbps 20Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
High Speed (FUP) Limit 300 GB 300 GB 600 GB 800 GB
Download Speed after FUP 2Mbps 2 Mbps 2Mbps 4Mbps
Monthly Rent in Rs 3,999 5,999 9,999 16,999
Static IP Address (On Request) One Free
Additional Facility 24hours unlimited free calling to any network within India.

Best Modem for BSNL broadband connection

  • There are various modems in the market, but BSNL modem adopts the best WiFi signal strength.
  • BSNL WiFi modem includes multiple LAN ports along with high-security. BSNL WiFi Modem Free AMC
  • The only cost for BSNL WiFi modem is Rs.1500 available with 5years AMC period with immediate replacement at your residing station/purchase center.
Most Burning Questions On BSNL unlimited broadband plans

These are the frequently asked questions by many of the customers during the subscription of the service. Let’s take a definite answer for all of them.

Why Fair Usage Policy(FUP) limit introduced in BSNL unlimited broadband plans?

FUP is designed to provide the best internet experience to all BSNL broadband customers.

  • There are many customers in an area using unlimited internet services with latest BSNL unlimited broadband plans. But some once use fewer data, and some consume an excessive amount of massive data.
  • If FUP not designed then there is no control on the bandwidth on high usage user, which impair the experience of low usage users due to sharing of bandwidth at that time.

To overcome that situation and to provide the best internet speed experience, BSNL designed fair usage policy in all BSNL unlimited broadband plans.

What is the total expense for a new BSNL broadband connection?

The total charges to be paid by a customer before or after the installation of new broadband connection is as follows.

  1. Security Deposit for Broadband.
  2. Landline Deposit Rs.500 for local/STD or Rs.2000 for ISD.
  3. Telephone Instrument Charges if provided by BSNL.
  4. Installation charges at Rs.850 (Landline=600 + BB=250). At present, these available as FREE.
  5. Proportionate rental charges on subscribed BSNL unlimited broadband plans.

From SI.No:1 to 4 includes One time charges in BSNL broadband bill raised at the first time.

Let us see the example:-

Assumes that a customer applies for BSNL 249 broadband plan and activates the internet connection on 01.01.2018, but not paid any deposits before installation. The first broadband bill he will get as follows.

  • Landline Deposit = Rs.500
  • Broadband Deposit = Rs.500
  • Broadband Rent = Rs.249
  • Call Charges = Rs. xx
  • Goods and Service Tax on BB rent and call charges.

From the second bill, you will get the BSNL unlimited broadband plans rent + call charges with GST.

BSNL Broadband Plans Change

What are the ways to change BSNL broadband plans?

There are only two ways for you to migrate from existing tariff to another required program, they are as follows

  1. Approach concerned area BSNL office with a written request.
  2. Register at BSNL Selfcare portal and place a request for BSNL unlimited broadband plans change online with new required.

Can a customer request BSNL broadband plans change at any time in a month or not?

  • Any active subscriber can apply to BSNL broadband plans change at any point in the month. The request will accept to switch to any BSNL broadband unlimited plan or for a limited category

Is there any night concessions for BSNL unlimited broadband plans?

  • Previously, BSNL limited broadband plans are in maximum number, at that time PSU offers night concessions. But now telecom brand provides BSNL broadband unlimited plan on a priority basis. So, there are no night concessions in any BSNL unlimited broadband plans.
  • Apart from night concessional tariff, BSNL Rural broadband plans give USOF discount for Rural area customers.
  • 5% special discount for Government employees in all India.
How to opt for temporary disconnection of BSNL broadband?
  • Some of the internet connection users required to disconnect BSNL broadband for 2-3 months, because they have to travel abroad or any other places.
  • For all of them, the best possibility to reduce the bill and to keep the line alive is BSNL Safe custody.
  • Apply for disconnection of BSNL broadband connection. Keep your landline in safe custody for a minimum of 3months.
  • The minimum rental per month is Rs.50 for urban and Rs.30 for rural areas.
  • After your reach to home, submit a letter to concerned to provide broadband connection again as earlier. It is the best solution for temporary disconnection.

Are there any discounts for BSNL broadband bill payment?

  • At present BSNL Wallet provides up to 10% discount.
  • It is on each BSNL broadband bill payment, but you have to pay within due date only.
How do I surrender my BSNL broadband connection?

There are two options to close the BSNL’s internet connection

  • BSNL broadband disconnection online (Through Authorised Selfcare Portal)
  • Placing of BSNL broadband disconnection request to the concerned office. It is the only closure of internet service and to make landline service alive.
  • Place BSNL landline disconnection application form for permanent closure of landline and broadband services.

With all the above info on latest BSNL unlimited broadband plans, now you may know about the most recent facilities what you have from BSNL. Also, why you have to subscribe to BSNL unlimited broadband plans internet connection in this 2018.


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