What are the BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans available in market?

What is BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans? What’s the use of them? Just go through this. Just think, that when one fine day you want to have a video call to dear ones. At that point, if your data limit exhaust with FUP limit of your subscribed unlimited broadband plan. Even if you are ready to pay for extra BSNL broadband data for your unlimited internet plan, you may be thinking that you have to wait up to next billing cycle to regain your internet speed.

To overcome this instance, internet giant comes with a ‘Good News for BSNL high-speed data usage broadband consumers’ by providing BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans within your billing cycle after crossing the internet data limit for the present month.
BSNL Broadband Topup PlansBSNL has decided to serve you more and wanted to bring happiness to their broadband customers. It is just by allowing you to take extra data within existing cycle with a very nominal charge. BSNL Top Management Shri A.N.Rai inaugurated the facility of BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans to restore the original speed of all unlimited broadband plans for ADSL services.

After the grand success of ADSL top ups, this Top up facility extends to FTTH broadband plans also. So, broadband customers of any unlimited internet plan on ADSL or Fiber to the Home services can avail this plans to get high download speed on subscription.

The charges in BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans for additional data purchase will be petite. Within the billing cycle, these are available at cheapest rates as indicated below. For Rs.100/200/300/500 you can get new 2GB/5GB/10GB/20GB. Just go to the Top Up and enjoy your extra usage at a very nominal cost.

BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans to get high-speed internet in Unlimited Plans

Speed Restoration Add-on Plan (available on ADSL and FTTH ) Extra Usage Offered with High-Speed Internet BSNL Broadband TopUp Plan Charges
Speed Restoration 2GB Plan 2 GB Rs. 100
Speed Restoration 5GB Plan 5 GB Rs. 200
Speed Restoration 10GB Plan 10 GB Rs. 300
Speed Restoration 20GB Plan 20 GB Rs. 500

Ok, you may have a shadow of a doubt, how to check my Broadband FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit has reached, and when I have to go for data top-up, where we got the BSNL Broadband TopUp link online and what is the process to do BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans.

For all this, there is no need to worry. Soon after your limit crossed, BSNL is going to prompt you by a pop-up. It’s up to you to go ahead. If you want to enjoy with existing speed, then just ignore it, or else go for BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans. The extra amount will charge to you in next coming bill accordingly.

With this BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans, now you have a chance to avail high-speed internet at any time, even your complete FUP data limit got exhausted or nothing left for your kid to browse Rhymes on YouTube also.

This BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans will help all high data usage customers involved with more Internet-centric applications. These BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans are applicable for all BSNL broadband customers of all service areas across India. So, choose any tariff of above mentioned BSNL Broadband TopUp Plans, enjoy speed internet even after your limit crossed.


  1. If once I choose for broadband top up plan say for 500 in the current month, will it be automatically be restored for next months also or again the pop-up screen will appear to choose the plan.

    • No, it will never automatically restored in next month. Until if you don’t again take the top up in next month.


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