Amazing BSNL Telangana Broadband Plans On DSL And FTTH

BSNL Telangana broadband plans provide fixed access platform to deliver high-speed broadband services. It is also to a maximum bandwidth of 100Mbps.

All the BSNL broadband unlimited plans in Telangana provide quality internet services. It’s all with the best tariff, which will enhance the trust on BSNL.

In this post, we provide District or BSNL SSA wise particular BSNL Telangana broadband plans. All these available in the present market in the year 2017. We categorized DSL and FTTH (Fibernet) services separately to choose the best.

All the presented BSNL Telangana broadband plans are available as a regular tariff for new subscriptions or migration.

BSNL Telangana Broadband Plans

The ultimate plans for Hyderabad offer unlimited internet with or without a landline. Here we present all the BSNL Telangana broadband plans with an additional discount offer also.

Apart from the twin cities broadband tariff, here are the most required BSNL Telangana broadband plans. You can choose any of the best Telangana broadband plans as per your necessary condition to arrest the download speed or charges. Have a look at all of them

BSNL Telangana Broadband Plans 2017

These special plans provide for all customers in Hyderabad telecom district and in the entire circle. All these Telangana broadband plans are available with rental discount options on payment advance rent. Have a look at them.

BSNL Broadband Plans Applicabile On Download Speeds Up to (As per feasibility) Monthly Rent in Rs.
BBG Combo ULD 470 CS142  DSL/VDSL /FTTH Upto 8Mbps till 30 GB, after Up to 1Mbps 470
BBG ULD 545 CS109 Upto 8Mbps till 60 GB, then 1Mbps beyond 545
BBG Combo ULD 611 CS54 Upto 8Mbps till 80GB, after 1Mbps beyond 611
BBO ULD 611 CS177 (No Voice) 611
BBG Combo ULD 675 CS209 Upto 10Mbps till 150 GB, thereafter up to 2Mbps 675
BBG Combo ULD 845 CS219 Upto 10Mbps till 200 GB, thereafter up to  4 Mbps 845
BBG Combo ULD 945 CS220 Upto 10Mbps till 250 GB, then up to 4 Mbps 945
BBG Combo ULD 999 CS214 Upto 10Mbps till 275 GB, then up to 4 Mbps 999
BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 645 VDSL CS148 VDSL & FTTH Upto 10Mbps till 125 GB, beyond up to 2Mbps 645
BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1045 VDSL CS149 Upto 24Mbps till 300 GB, up to 4Mbps beyond 1045

BSNL Telangana FTTH Plans

BSNL Broadband Plans provides only on FTTH Download Speeds Up to Monthly Rent in Rs.
Fibro Combo ULD 400 CS136 (Available only in Warangal SSA) * Upto 8Mbps till 40GB, then up to 1Mbps 400
Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS95 Upto 40Mbps till 200 GB, then up to 2Mbps 645
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS4 Upto 60 Mbps till 300 GB, thereafter up to 4Mbps 999
Fibro Combo ULD 1045 CS96 Upto 80 Mbps till 400 GB, then up to 8Mbps 1045
Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS20 Upto 100Mbps till 800 GB, then up to 10Mbps 2795

*Available as promotional offer from 25.10.2017 to 22.01.2018

All the BSNL Telangana FTTH plans allow unlimited calling from 9 PM to 7 AM and day and night on Sundays. The users, who require other BSNL broadband home plans Telangana can check the below-mentioned tariff.

BSNL broadband 249 plan is the starting in unlimited category available at underlying charges.

All the methods are similar to AP BSNL Broadband Plans which is under one circle for tariff presentation.

So don’t get late, Apply BSNL broadband online with any of the above individual programs available for your area.

In All India, PSU offers incredibly fast internet in Hyderabad and Telangana. So subscribe for this BSNL Telangana Broadband Plans and enjoy the best.


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