BSNL Tamilnadu Broadband Plans – Updated List

Everyday Tamilians are searching for BSNL Tamilnadu broadband plans to know the best tariff. Also, if any news available regarding unlimited internet speed and price to choose the best.

For this, BSNL came up with the user attractive offers to satisfy them according to with their requirements. It is also according to area wise with Latest BSNL Broadband Plans in Tamilnadu. All these plans allowed to cater entire activities with a single connection.

India’s largest wireline service provider is going to grab the user attention. So PSU offers new unlimited BSNL Tamilnadu broadband plans at affordable market prices for getting high-speed internet.

Also with extra free email id space having 1GB/additional storage on BSNL email account as per subscribed tariff.

BSNL Tamilnadu Broadband plans

In this state including Chennai, PSU offers unlimited internet services through ADSL/VDSL and FTTH services. Here we present all the BSNL Tamilnadu broadband plans as per area wise with below-mentioned tariff and special discounts/facilities.

  • All the latest BSNL broadband plans in Tamilnadu allow huge payment discounts (up to six months rental discount) on longer subscription.
  • Provision of Static IP Address on Request at minimum charges per a year.
  • Most required unlimited free calling facility during weekdays (9 PM to 7 AM) and complete day and night on Sundays is allowed.

BSNL Tamilnadu Broadband Plans 2017

Tariff Name Download Speed Upto FUP Limit Speed after FUPLimit Monthly Charges Yearly Rent Two Year Rent Three Year Payment Static IP Charges* (If required)
Exclusive BSNL Broadband Plans in Chennai
Coimbatore, Vellore, Nagercoil, and Pondicherry
Fibro Combo ULD 1099 CS54 30Mbps 40GB 2Mbps 1099 12089 23079 32970 Rs.2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1398 CS110 * 60Mbps 100GB 1398 15378 29358 41940 Rs.2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS55
(Not for Vellore)
100Mbps 200GB 1999 21989 41979 59970 Rs.1800
All the above three plans available in Pondicherry up to 17.10.2017.
* It is available for 90days from 01.07.2017
BSNL Tamilnadu Broadband Plans available on DSL/VDSL/FTTH services
Available in entire state except for Coimbatore and Pondicherry
BBG Combo ULD 750 CS 137 2Mbps 5GB 1Mbps 750 8250 15750 22500
BBG Combo ULD 1045 CS 138 4Mbps 16GB 1045 11495 21945 31350
Only for Coimbatore and Pondicherry
BBGCombo ULD 699 CS139 10Mbps 8GB 1Mbps 699 7689 14679 20970
BBG Combo ULD 1049 CS 140 10Mbps 30GB 1049 11539 22029 31470
For Coimbatore, Vellore, Pondicherry, Hosur and Tirupur Areas
BBG Combo ULD675 10Mbps 10GB 2Mbps 675
BBG Combo ULD895 10Mbps 20GB 895
BBG Combo ULD1045 10Mbps 30GB 1045
Entire State Except for Coimbatore, Vellore, Pondicherry, Hosur and Tirupur Areas
BBG Combo ULD725 10Mbps 6GB 1Mbps 725
BBG Combo ULD895 10Mbps 12GB 895
BBG Combo ULD975 10Mbps 15GB 975
BBG Combo ULD1045 10Mbps 30GB 1045
Other Tariffs All Other BSNL Broadband Plans in Tamilnadu (Experience Unlimited Internet 249, BBG Combo ULD 499, 1199 and more) from lowest price to highest range.

Today every user connects to the internet for everything. So these Latest BSNL Broadband Plans in Tamilnadu with high-speed bandwidth are the best sources. It is to join the digital world fastly or to make your home or office (business) as ultra-speed WiFi zone.

With the above info, now you have a chance to choose the unlimited internet plan applicable to your area. So, think wisely and select any of your required tariffs from the above list of BSNL Tamilnadu Broadband Plans.


  1. Waste Plans, Arasu cable, gives 8 Mbps speed up to 80Gb after 1 Mbps for 1249. But BSNL plans a waste of money soon. Arasu cable comes to all over Tamil Nadu after that BSNL faces a massive disconnection.


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