Apply BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans and Pay Only for Your Usage

BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans for Limited and Unlimited Internet usage introduced by our telecom brand in 2012. These offered with high-speed bandwidth. These BSNL prepaid broadband plans are more and more attractive at cheapest rates applicable for home/business (commercial) broadband users.

BSNL prepaid broadband plans range with a minimum broadband recharge amount of Rs. 200 (BBV RL 200) and maximum of Rs.3000 (BBV RL 3000). These are from 256 Kbps to 8Mbps high download speed. Accordingly, every prepaid customer allows prepaid broadband top up facility also at any time.

BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans

Installation charges and Modem charges for BSNL prepaid broadband plans will collect in advance from the client. It is through demand note at the local commercial system, while applying for BSNL prepaid broadband plans. In the case of a customer having his/her modem, only Installation charges have to pay at that time.

Latest BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans and Tariff

1. Installation fee Rs. 250/- (Service Tax extra)
2. Modem charges for outright purchase ADSL Basic costs Rs. 1400/- and ADSL WiFi costs Rs. 2100/- with Inclusive of VAT/Sales Tax
3. Activation fee of Rs 100/- has to pay through BSNL demand note.
4. Activation Initial Benefit Free Usage 400 MB which is valid for 30 days

Creation of BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans Account
The creation of prepaid broadband account will be FREE without any charges (other than above mentioned). The account is created with a Complementary balance of 50 MB and with the validity of 15days from the date of creation.

BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans Recharge Tariff

Prepaid Voucher Type Download Speed Upto MRP of prepaid Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Data Usage Validity in days GP-1* GP-2**
BBV RL 200 2 Mbps 200 700MB 30 15 30
BBV RL 250 2 Mbps 250 1.5 GB 15
BBV RL 350 2 Mbps 350 2.5 GB 15
BBV RL 450 2 Mbps 450 3 GB 30
BBV RL 600 2 Mbps 600 5 GB 30
BBV RULG 625 256Kbps 625 Unlimited 20
BBV RL 800 4 Mbps 800 8 GB 15
BBV RULG 990 512Kbps 990 Unlimited 20
BBV RL 1500 8 Mbps 1,500 25 GB 15
BBV RULG1600 1 Mbps 1,600 Unlimited 20
BBV RL 1750 2 Mbps 1,750 16 GB 90
BBV RL 1800 2 Mbps 1,800 7 GB 180
BBV RL 3000 2 Mbps 3,000 13 GB 360
  • For limited plans, balance usage available if any will be carried forward, in case of recharge within the Grace Period *GP-1 (i.e. 15 days).
  • Beyond 15 days (*GP-1), balance usage available if any in these BSNL prepaid broadband plans, will not be carried forward. But the customer allowed to recharge his account up to another 45 days (** GP-2).
  • After expiry of the additional grace period of 45 days (**GP-2), BSNL prepaid broadband plans account of the customer shall be deleted from the system.

BSNL prepaid broadband plans Top up and Validity Vouchers for Volume Based Plans

Top UP Vouchers
Voucher Type MRP of Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Data Usage in GB
BBV TopUp 200 200 2
BBV TopUp 375 375 5
Validity Vouchers
Voucher Type MRP of Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Validity in days
BB Validity 100 100 15

Top up vouchers of BSNL prepaid broadband Plans will be available for additional data usage without any change in validity.
The validity of BSNL prepaid broadband plans top up voucher is not applicable to those using unlimited usage.

III. Email ID on request by the customer
An Email id with 5MB data storage provides to prepaid account subscribers at BSNL servers on the domain.

How to Renew/Recharge of BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans

  • The customer can recharge his account online from BSNL Portal after purchasing the voucher. It is either through BSNL CSC or at any other retail outlets through the procedure for broadband recharge.
  • The customer can recharge his account online from BSNL Portal after purchasing the voucher. It is from either through BSNL CSC or from any other retail outlets. View here about how to Recharge for BSNL prepaid broadband.

Internet customers of home and business, who subscribes with any of the above BSNL prepaid broadband plans can also have the best choice to opt for BSNL postpaid broadband services. You are from any Rural and Urban areas, and you can migrate to postpaid by opting for cheapest BSNL Broadband Plans.

You can choose accordingly with your usage as per the convenience, by getting an option to check the broadband data usage at BSNL data usage check portal on a daily basis as on date. So All India Internet customers here is the ways in your hands only if you don’t want to pay fixed charges for the web. Subscribe to BSNL prepaid broadband plans and pay for your usage only.


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