Only BSNL Unlimited Broadband Plans You Need To Check

The first thing comes to mind, when thinks about the unlimited internet for our home is BSNL Broadband Plans. It is true, you may have many options around you, but you may consider only unlimited BSNL broadband plans.

You will have many benefits like guaranteed speed as committed in the scheme for your home or business at anywhere. Also, trusted billing and online provision for checking your download speed consumption. Every customer can even change the plan online according to your use, and most importantly, you will get a free landline facility with unlimited calling service. BSNL Broadband considered as the benchmark for other companies.

It is being the only PSU in the telecom world having transparency in billing and also offers high-speed internet to the pan-India circuit. Here, we are presenting the download speed plans from 1Mbps to 24 Mbps with a range of different ideas which you can opt accordingly.

BSNL Broadband Plans Unlimited Internet

Continuing the trust on people’s company, these BSNL landline broadband plans offered through DSL or FTTH are the best suitable for every individual need. That’s why high-speed BSNL unlimited broadband plans for home and business are always Pocket-Friendly, which derived the tagline “BSNL the best internet for every home/business at anywhere in India” from its individual customers.

There is a broad range of BSNL broadband plans ranging from unlimited internet plan 249 to 3445. Every plan has its different target. If we see BBG UL 545, it is a data-centric plan, and BBG Combo UL 675 is with data and voice calls at the best excellent price. Likewise, BSNL unlimited broadband plans specially design for all including commercial customers by allowing free static IP in some plans.

These postpaid BSNL unlimited broadband plans are available with the lowest price tag for WiFi /normal internet connection to all customers. These are standard BSNL unlimited broadband plans for entire India. Along with the connection, there is an option where you can opt reliable BSNL WiFi modems at best price and with cash back offers applicable to all BSNL broadband plans for home or office.

There are different needs for different customers. If you consider, data is the most important than that of a voice call. You can find data-centric BSNL broadband plans here. If it may be voice-centric, just check, how many calls on an average you can make apportion it to the voice plan price.

Apparently, all unlimited plans of combo category will offer more free calls in the same budget. Furthermore, PSU offers unlimited voice calls, a big hit among the Indian telecom sector. The below mentioned cheapest high-speed internet packs are the standard BSNL unlimited broadband plans in 2017. Take a look here and pick the best for your needs at any time.

BSNL Broadband Plans 2017 for Home and Business

BSNL Broadband Plan Download Speed Up toFUP LimitSpeed after LimitMonthly rentYearly RentTwo Year PackFree callsStatic IP Charges Per YearEmail ID / Space
BSNL Combo Broadband Plans (Internet with Free Landline Facility allowing free calling)
Experience Unlimited Broadband 249*2Mbps1GB1Mbps249Not ApplicableAs per LandlineNot Applicable1/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 4992GB499548910479Nil
BBG Combo UL 6754Mbps5GB675742514175100
BBG Combo ULD 680ASOM5GB6807480142801001/100GB
BBG Combo ULD 84510GB845874516695Nil2/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 94510GB9459295177453501/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 950 ASOM20GB95010450199503501/100GB
BBG Combo ULD 99920GB99910989209794001/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 119920GB2Mbps1199131892517924 hours
Unlimited Free Calls
One @ Rs.2000
BBG Combo ULD 14418Mbps40GB1Mbps14411585130261500
BBG Combo ULD 14454Mbps60GB144515895303452502/1GB
BBG Combo ULD 149570GB14951644531395250
BBG Combo ULD 159970GB1599175893357924 hours
Unlimited Free Calls
One @ Rs.18001/1GB
BBG Super Speed Combo 1745 VDSL8Mbps70GB17451919536645Nil
BBG Combo ULD 20914Mbps100GB209123001Not Applicable
BBG Speed Combo ULD 22958Mbps100GB229525245
BBG Combo ULD 27994Mbps100GB279930789587792502/1GB
BBG Speed Combo ULD 28418Mbps175GB284131251NA1000One Free
BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL16Mbps100GB2845312955974510001/1GB
BBG Super Speed Combo 3445 VDSL24Mbps100GB3445378957234510002/1GB
Non Combo Unlimited Broadband Plans*
BBG UL 5452Mbps5GB1Mbps545599511445As per subscribed
BSNL Landline Plan
Not Applicable1/1GB
BBG ULD 7954Mbps 10GB7958745166952/1GB
BBG ULD127560GB12751402526775One @ Rs.2000
BBG ULD 18911000GB18912080139711One @ Rs.18001/1GB
BBG ULD 26418Mbps175GB26412905155461
BBG ULD 264516Mbps100GB26452909555545
* In these plans telephone rent will charge as extra as per subscribed plan
Broadband Plans without Landline (Where BSNL is not able to provide voice facility)#

10GB1Mbps799878916779Not AvailableNot Applicable1/1GB
BBO ULD 94920GB9491043913189
BBO ULD 119940GB11991318925179One @ Rs.2000
BBO ULD 14498Mbps60GB14491593930429
#Voice facility is not available. No telephone instrument is to be provided. There are no charges towards landline Registration, installation, and security deposit.

ASOM: Additional Storage on Messaging Service.

ULD stands for unlimited with differential speed. DL = Download, UL = Upload. MCU = Meter Call Unit. FMC = Fixed Monthly Charges, and Land/Fixed Line Plan = Landline Plan Urban or Rural (whichever applicable).

The major thing is, PSU now allows all these BSNL landline broadband plans through FTTH network also, if technically feasible. Nowadays, the most important aspect required is Online Portal. For registration of complaints online, which are going to be monitor till the resolutions come. With this most needed online portal facility, every essential service related to internet connections you can do it online in this busy life.

Important notes on BSNL unlimited broadband plans

  • All BSNL broadband plans monthly rental fees is exclusive of service tax.
  • For Karnataka 545 is BBG ULD 560 CS84, 675 is BBG Combo ULD 699 CS85, 845 is BB Combo ULD 875 CS86, 945 is BBG Combo ULD 965 CS87, 999 is BBG Combo ULD 1025 CS88.
  • Broadband plan 249 shall be available only for new clients and not available in Jammu Kashmir and Andaman Nicobar Circles. 499 is not available in Jammu Kashmir Circle.
  • In NCR SSAs (Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Noida), available free calls under BSNL broadband plans are 50% for the own network. And also 50% for another telecom network with effect from 01.04.2013.
  • Monthly rental under broadband “BB Home UL 545” plan is Rs.645 in Odisha circle. It is also applicable for some selected SSAs of UP(West), MP and Maharashtra.
  • Rent for “BB Home Combo UL 675″,”BB Home Combo ULD 845″,”BBG Combo ULD 945” plans is Rs.775, Rs.899, Rs.1000 respectively in the Odisha circle, Selected SSAs of UP(West), UP(East), MP and Maharashtra.
  • Monthly Broadband Rent for “BBG ULD 795” plans is Rs.825 in Bijnore SSA of UP West.
  • Broadband Plan charges for BBG Combo ULD 1445 is Rs.1600 in Selected SSAs of UP (West) circle.
  • BB Home Combo ULD 999 plan monthly fees have been revised from Rs.999/- to Rs.1099/- in Odisha. It is also for selected SSA’s of UPE, UP(West), MP and Maharashtra.
  • In Odisha, internet rent for “BBG Combo ULD 1495” plan is Rs.1550. For selected service areas of UP West, it is Rs.1650.

Sometimes if you apply for new internet connections, you may have heard the answer that there are no free connections for your BSNL broadband plans. Yes, this implies the commitment, any infrastructure provides for a calculated load if it reaches that limit.

PSU is the only company that rejects the new connection with any BSNL broadband plans till they enhance the capacity. It is the reason at any point in time PSU will offer committed speed. This type of commitment, you never find with other ISP’s. That’s why our operator is the best in India even compares with any other ISP’s. So, just apply online. Get your unlimited internet service to your home or business with best BSNL broadband plans.


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    I am interested in internet connection of Rs.249 or Rs.499 per month plan. Thanks. Please contact me or give the customer care telephone number. Are these plans are available in wireline or wireless.

  2. I am interested in BBG ULD 499/699. Presently, I have a combo of ULD 999. Can the change to other plans be done online?


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