Know This Specific BSNL Broadband Plans In Haryana

Haryana has excellent broadband internet connectivity with latest BSNL Haryana broadband plans. The customers who would like to have unlimited internet from 1Mbps to 100Mbps at an affordable price can now have the best choice of BSNL Haryana broadband plans.

BSNL offers best plans for all in Haryana. If you do not download anything, you can opt for the starting plan BSNL 249. It can also use for more downloads. If you are heavy downloader, then you will have the ideas up to 3449. All these presented in the latest list of BSNL Haryana broadband plans.

BSNL Haryana Broadband Plans

There is no prediction for best ISPs in any area. In Haryana the ISPs like Airtel, Spectra Net, Global Ltd, Tikona, You Broadband, Cyber Cafe, Nextra, Hathway, DenBoomband, Touch Net, BG Broadband India Ltd, the major BSNL and more offering the broadband services.

Our brand introduces BSNL broadband unlimited plans in Haryana as per area wise with a specified tariff. All the new introductions are the most reliable for data-hungry users.

Nowadays, most of the internet users are using mobile phones rather than desktops/laptops to access the internet in home or business areas. For all of the lightning, fast surfing speeds that redefine Internet experience required. So BSNL introduced new broadband plans for Gurgaon on Fiber to Home.

BSNL Haryana Broadband Plans 2017

With this, every user can make their areas as ultra speed WiFi zone through wireless routers. There is no requirement to use the data cards or mobile data. Just subscribe this BSNL Haryana broadband plans economically and connect all your wireless devices to the world continuously.

We present all the new particular BSNL broadband plans in Haryana area wise for the customers who are eagerly waiting. Now it’s your choice to choose the best combo speed broadband plans from the latest list of your area.

Haryana Specific Broadband Plans Bandwidth in Mbps Upto FUP Limit Monthly Fees Yearly Pack
Gurgaon Broadband Plans on DSL starts with BBG Combo ULD
499 CS156 8 12GB 499 5489
599 CS 157 # 8 15GB 599 6589
749 CS158 10 50GB 749 8239
Hisar Broadband Plans Promotional offer from 18.09.2017 to 16.12.2017
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS228 2Mbps Flat .. 499 5489
Fibro Combo ULD 745 CS130 10Mbps Flat .. 745 8195
Fibro Combo ULD 995 CS131 20Mbps 90GB after 2Mbps 995 10945
Karnal FTTH Plans $ (from 10.10.2017 to 07.01.2018)
FibroCombo ULD 895 CS80 16Mbps 60GB 895 9845
Fibro Combo ULD 1095 CS81 40Mbps 90GB 1095 12045

*Available in Sonepat SSA also.  # In Faridabad SSA also.
$ Offered with 24hours BSNL unlimited calls to any network in India.

BSNL FTTH Plans Rohtak

Broadband Plans Bandwidth in Mbps Upto 2Mbps after FUP Limit Monthly Fees Yearly Pack Static IP charges per year
BBG Combo ULD 499 CS228 2Mbps Flat .. 499 5489 Not Applicable
Fibro Combo ULD 895 CS80 16 60GB 895 9845
Fibro ComboULD 1095 CS81 40 90GB 1095 12045 One at Rs. 2000 if required
Fibro Combo ULD 1295 CS82 100 125GB 1295 14245
Fibro Combo ULD 1495 CS83 100 160GB 1495 16445

All the above exclusive FTTH plans of Rohtak offers 24 hours unlimited calling on any network in India. These BSNL Rohtak plans are available up to 29.12.2017 from 01.10.2017.

Apart from the above BSNL broadband plans in Haryana, all the internet users of Ambala, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Jind, Karnal, Rewari, Rohtak, Sonepat can have the standard broadband tariff as below.

Find the fastest ISP, compare the best free calling and unlimited Internet BSNL Haryana broadband plans with actual speeds. Experience the new features. Give your real review on BSNL Haryana broadband plans. It is to offer more than required who offers promised bandwidth at a decent price.


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