Gurgaon BSNL Broadband Presents 100Mbps Speed

Do you know what everyone requires in today’s digital world? Blindly we can say, it’s nothing but a high-speed real internet connection. For this requirement, our BSNL is in the first row, offering BSNL Gurgaon Broadband Plans at 100Mbps download speed.

The said speed is also not ended with that. Also, allowing twenty-four hours free calling to any network.

In Gurgaon, many operators like Airtel, Tikona, You Broadband, Nextra, Hathway, DenBoomband, Touch Net, BSNL and other local ISP’s are offering broadband services to customers.

In all them, customers can have a shadow of doubt as, which is the fastest and most affordable ISP in Gurgaon?

BSNL Gurgaon Broadband Plans

For this, now anyone can surely recommend our BSNL is the best. It is due to one reason as BSNL offers free telephone connection with 24hours unlimited calling. Also along with the high-speed broadband line.

It is all without any extra charges. Just paying for broadband service and enjoying unlimited internet + unlimited calling available with latest BSNL Gurgaon Broadband Plans.

In Gurgaon area, many of the IT companies are established and doing their services with their thousands of employees. All these are tech-savvy only and entirely depends on the internet for their daily life. Due to their essentials, all require fault free ultra speed internet.

So, with this launch, the ISP offers high-speed broadband plans in Gurgaon. These are quite rare to find for home or business (cybercafes, companies, etc..).

Have a look at all of them which starts from 16Mbps and ends with the 100Mbps speed with free static IP allotment in some plans.

BSNL Gurgaon Broadband Plans on Fiber to Home

Fibernet Plan Name starts with Fibro Combo ULD Download Speed Allows 2Mbps after FUP Limit Monthly rent * Yearly Rent * Two Year rent* Three Year Rent* Static IP
895 CS80 16Mbps 30GB 895 9845 18795 26850 Not Applicable
1095 CS81 40Mbps 50GB 1095 12045 22995 32850 One @ Rs.2000 per year
1295 CS82 75GB 1295 14245 27195 38850
1495 CS83 100GB 1495 16445 31395 44850
1795 CS84 100 Mbps 150GB 1795 19745 37695 53850 One @ Rs.1800 per year
*Rental Charges are applicable in Indian Rupees only.

The complete programs allow 1Mbps speed after crossing of fair usage policy limit.

All the BSNL Gurgaon broadband plans on FTTH allows 24 Hours Unlimited Free Calls to local and STD of any network in India

Other Plans All BSNL Broadband Plans in Gurgaon
Special Promotional Broadband Plans on DSL/VDSL up to 24.10.2017
BBG Combo ULD 895 CS222 10Mbps 60GB 895 9845 18795 26850 Not Applicable
BBG Combo ULD1225 CS223 10Mbps 125GB 1225 13475 25725 36750 One @ Rs.2000

After the launch of above BSNL broadband plans in Gurgaon, there is no chance to raise a question as which is the best broadband plan in Gurgaon. For this query, the only answer is all the live broadband plans offered by BSNL through FiberNet.

Also, the customers cannot think about the options. All the new and existing customers can surely fix with primary and secondary options for ISP with BSNL only. Don’t wait for anything just apply online.

Get your ISP to your doorstep with BSNL Gurgaon broadband plans which are latest in the market under FTTH and available up to 06.11.2017.


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