Newly Launched Broadband Plans In Gujarat Provides More Speed, FUP

Gujarat is the state of the new business band for all sectors. To offer high-speeds at a lowest monthly price in postpaid services, BSNL launches new broadband plans at this time only in Gujarat circle.

At the same time, ISP has withdrawn some of the existing plans, which offers lowest Fair usages policy limit. These withdrawn instructions are implemented only in Gujarat circle applicable for all current and new customers. The programs are BBG Combo ULD 499, 675, 845, 945, 999, 1199, 1495, 1599 and BBG Speed Combo 1745 VDSL.

BSNL Gujarat Withdrawn Plans

After withdrawn instructions, BSNL launches the following high-speed broadband plans under DSL and VDSL internet services. All the unlimited internet broadband tariffs introduced with highest FUP limit in each plan. The new DSL tariffs are BBG Combo ULD 499 CS272, 1199 CS273, 1495 CS274, 1599 CS275, and new VDSL tariff is 1745 VDSL CS276.

BSNL Gujarat 499 New Broadband Plan

Apart from the above new introductions, the existing plans (BBG Combo ULD 699 CS118 and 999 CS120) in some areas are now applicable for entire Gujarat circle. In this unique applicability, 100 free calls in 699 plan and 500 free calls in 999 plan shall also add as an additional facility. It is an extra facility for an already available night free calling.

BSNL Gujarat 699 999 Broadband PlansNote:
**Broadband plan ‘BBG Combo ULD 699 CS118’ is also available in Ahmedabad & Vadodara SSAs of Gujarat Circle only.

***Broadband plan ‘BBG Combo ULD 999 CS120’ is also available in Ahmedabad, Rajkot & Vadodara SSAs of Gujarat Circle.

Revision under Broadband plans ‘BBG Combo ULD 699 CS118’ and ‘BBG Combo ULD 999 CS120’ shall also be applicable to existing customers. Additional facility for Sunday free calling to any network within India under above Broadband plans ‘BBG ComboULD 499 CS272’, ‘BBG Combo ULD 699 CS118’ and ‘BBG Combo ULD 999 CS120’, shall also be extended as per prevailing instructions.

Since all the DSL Broadband plans are available on FTTH with the same tariff, above DSL plans ‘shall also be available on FTTH with the same tariff. These above said new BSNL Gujarat broadband tariff is available from 09.03.2018 as regular plans.



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