Telecom major introduced exclusive BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans up to 100Mbps speed. It is to offer ultra speed internet services. The new plans are ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS63’, ‘Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS64’, ‘Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS65 and ‘Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS66’. At present these BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans is for Pune and Nagpur Secondary Service Area citizens.

Pune district fully equipped with Information Technology Companies, Software Development, Networking Solutions, Medical Transcription and also ISP Hardware Vendors, etc. Nagpur Metropolitan Area using modern technologies to recycle water and plans in a systematic manner.

BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans

The both districts require the fastest internet connectivity. So, our ISP launches these BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans at an affordable cost. It is according to the customer requirements for PUNE and Nagpur areas to get amazing unlimited speed internet. Also with fault-free services to get connected to the world continuously.

Now, these BSNL broadband plans are the additional fiber net projects under FTTH services. These Fiber Broadband Plans start from 40Mbps and end with 100Mbps download speed range. Every program offers one Free Static IP except for 40Mbps unlimited plan ‘Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS63′. These BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans also allows unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM on all weekdays. And completely free on every Sunday to any network. Have a look at the Tariff.

BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans Tariff

Name of the planDownload speedFUP LimitSpeed after LimitMonthly ChargesAnnualTwo-YearStatic IP
FibroCombo ULD1999 CS63 *40Mbps500GB

19992198941979One at Rs.1800 per year
Fibro Combo ULD 2999 CS64 *60Mbps750GB29993298962979One Free
Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS65 *80Mbps1000GB39994398983979One Free
Fibro Combo ULD 4999 CS66 *100Mbps2000GB499954989104979One Free
BBG Combo ULD 645 CS71
(Only for Pune)
8Mbps10GB6457095NANot Applicable
FibroCombo ULD 555CS106 #10Mbps20GB1Mbps555610511655NA
FibroCombo ULD 777 CS107 #20Mbps40GB2Mbps777854716317
Fibro ComboULD 999 CS108 #30Mbps60GB2Mbps9991098920979NA

These new 100Mbps BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband Plans shall available up to 22.11.2017. These are available on a promotional basis at first only in Pune and Nagpur SSA’s of Maharashtra Telecom. So if your required rapid speed BSNL Giga Fiber Broadband, Apply BSNL broadband online to avail doorstep.


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