BSNL FTTH ONT Charges With WiFi Modem On PAN India

What is ONT and What are the BSNL FTTH ONT Charges at present? ONT stands for Optical Network Termination. It is a media converter to enable IP-based telephone, and internet connectivity installs by BSNL only. This ONT also called BSNL FTTH Modem.

This ONT delivers the high-speed broadband services from 1Mbps to 100 Mbps. From 15.03.2014, BSNL introduced ONT (Optical Network Termination) equipment in two different types. They are Type A and B with different BSNL FTTH ONT Charges.

Both the BSNL FTTH Modems offered to customers on Outright Purchase. It is the option to buy the modem on one time basis to get own equipment with Warranty/AMC up to 5 years.


Due to various reasons, Optical Network Terminal price in India is extremely high, so BSNL offer these FTTH modems to a customer on the rental basis with new BSNL FTTH ONT Charges. It is also at a minimum cost never expect, that’s what we can see it as below.

BSNL FTTH ONT charges are the additional fees includes to the client in the monthly broadband bill. The Outright purchase charges of ISP are standard from 01.04.2014, but the new fees for rental effective from 1st May 2017 only.

Here, you want to be alert to note down all these in your mind. To avoid BSNL FTTH ONT charges and to get the modem on rental, you have to pay some refundable deposit. All these costs applicable to all Fibernet Plans of BSNLĀ on PAN India basis, Let us see, which is most credible.

BSNL FTTH ONT Charges List

When you avail BSNL FTTH service, now you can also have a chance to enjoy WiFi also by installing WiFi modem. The charges for all BSNL FTTH ONT Charges and WiFi modems indicated below.

Particulars BSNL FTTH ONTĀ Charges in Rs.
Activation / Installation charges for ONT 500
Security Deposit for BSNL ONT * 500 (Refundable) #
ONT Charges per month (when taken on Rent) 90
Yearly ONT Charges for Rent 1800
ADSL WiFi Modem along with ONT on Rent per month 200
Security deposit refundable for ADSL modem required 1500
ONT Charges (Outright Purchase)
BSNL FTTH Type A Equipment 12000
Type-B Equipment 14500

* Refundable Security Deposit is to be taken from FTTH customer for BSNL ONT Type A or Type B can be refunded to the customer on a return of BSNL ONT which is in good working condition only.

# The amount of Security Deposit for BSNL FTTH Modem shall completely waive off when the customer opts for annual payment of the subscription plan.

These BSNL FTTH ONT charges are applicable for both existing and new customers of Fibernet broadband services in PAN India.

Here everything we inform about customer point of view only. So take the advantage offered by the brand, and opt for rental to avoid massive BSNL FTTH ONT charges. Enjoy ultra speed internet and IP-based free calling telephone connectivity.

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