What are the BSNL Free Static IP Address Plans available?

To offer more reliable internet services with BSNL Free Static IP Address Plans, India’s Largest Broadband Subscriber base Internet Service Provider and Telecom Operator, who haves more than 60% market share in broadband segment, continuously trying to reach the customer hearts with Cheapest BSNL Broadband Plans, will also offers Free Static IP Address Plans with High Speed Best Broadband Internet on request.

Generally Broadband Customers requires a Static IP Internet address for certain services or applications which they use typically i.e. like Running own Mail Server, (or) Many VPN (Virtual Private Network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a Static IP (Internet Protocol) address (or) Connecting to own company network which need access through their firewalls etc.. and many more.

BSNL Free Static IP Address

Limited and Unlimited and Internet BSNL Broadband Plans of all categories are connected with Dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) address, means any BSNL Broadband user allocates with an IP address dynamically whenever you connect the Internet.

So, every time it changes when ever the BSNL Broadband user reconnects the Internet, but in case of allocating Static IP, One IP will remain as Static to BSNL Users Broadband Connection, which remains as same whenever reconnects the Internet at any time.

No:1 ISP offers 1 Static IP address with prescribed charges for applicable BSNL Broadband Plans as mentioned below.

In addition to One Static IP, 2nd IP will be allotted @ Rs. 1500/- per annum to all Internet customers with applicable Limited and Unlimited BSNL broadband plans having an FMC of Rs. 2799/- and above.

BSNL Static IP Address Plans – Charges

BSNL Broadband Internet Plans Static IP’s Applicable 1st Static IP Charges Per Year 2nd Static IP Charges / Year
BSNL Broadband Limited Internet Plans
BBG Speed Combo 2949 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Speed Combo 3899 VDSL 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Super Speed Combo 5249 VDSL 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Super Speed Combo 7349 VDSL 2 Free Rs. 1500
BSNL Broadband Unlimited Internet Plans
BBG ULD 1275 1 Rs. 2000 Not Applicable
BBG Combo ULD 1445 1 Rs. 2000
BBG Combo ULD 1495 1 Rs. 2000
BBG Speed Combo 1745 VDSL 1 Rs. 1800
BBG Combo ULD 1800 1 Rs. 1800
BBG Combo ULD 2250 1 Rs. 1800
BBG Combo ULD 2799 2 Rs. 1800 Rs. 1500
BBG Speed Combo 2845 VDSL 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Speed Combo 3445 VDSL 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Combo ULD 3500 2 Free Rs. 1500
BBG Combo ULD 6300 2 Free Rs. 1500

Prescribed charges will be issued by Internet Service Provider to the customer in the next coming BSNL bill for payment, after provision of BSNL Static IP Address.

To avail these Free and Payment BSNL Static IP address facility at Cheapest Charges, authorised BSNL broadband plan customer of the above plans should submit a separate written request letter to concerned BSNL authorities to attain the BSNL free static Ip address.

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