BSNL Launches Family Broadband Plan With 3 Free Mobile Connections Providing Unlimited Calls + Data

Indians can thank BSNL now for sky-high data allowances on landline broadband and unlimited plans on mobile phones. It all happens with the new launch of BSNL family broadband plan providing with more than a triple benefit. With one subscription, a family can use the unlimited internet at home, and three unlimited mobile connections with more Value Added Services. The triple impact of this new BSNL family broadband plan provides free access to many platforms in telco industry aiming for unlimited data plans.

This new introduction is an enhancement for unlimited DSL broadband plans already available on PAN India basis. BSNL family broadband plan is the only combo broadband plan providing more exclusive benefits for landline and bundled mobile services.

Any Add-On packages or additional rental charges not collected for the provision of other facilities. All the available exclusive benefits in this BSNL family broadband plan will provide for free of cost. Let’s have a look at the tariff, and you must surely subscribe to this unlimited family plan on a priority basis.BSNL Family Broadband Plan

BSNL Family Broadband Plan Tariff

The significant exclusive benefit in this unlimited BSNL broadband plan is the provision of free mobile connections. It is also with Unlimited call + data, and the free Value Added Services under DSL and mobile services.

The main advantage of this BSNL family broadband plan is No additional charges for unlimited mobile packages in all three SIM cards. Also providing prevailing VAS services under the new service.

Combo Broadband Plan BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to 10 Mbps till 30 GB, after up to 2 Mbps.
Applicability All home and business users in India
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) 1199
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) 13189
Two Years Payment Option (Rs.) 25179
Three Years Payment Option (Rs.) 35970
Download/Upload Limit (MB/ GB) Unlimited
Additional   Usage   Charges/   MB   beyond   free download/upload limit NA
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request) One @ Rs.2000/- p.a. additional
Security Deposit# One Month Charges
Minimum Hire Period One month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs NIL
Free Calls and Additional facility on LL (a) 24 Hrs. Unlimited free calling (Local + STD) on any network Within India.
(b) Prevailing VAS services (i.e., Music, Games & Movies) under BB plan.
An additional facility on Bundled Mobile Connections On all three mobile SIMs See the below free unlimited tariff of mobile

Other facilities on BSNL family broadband plan

The customer who opted above Family Broadband Combo plan shall be able to get maximum three bundled pre-paid mobile connections free of cost. It is in the name of the subscriber or family member at his/her recommendation.

On each SIM card, subscribers of these BSNL family broadband plan can avail the following facilities without any additional cost.

  • 24 hours unlimited free calling for Local+STD on any network (Onnet/Offnet) within India. Also, it is at Home LSA and BSNL National roaming area (excluding Mumbai and Delhi), on all three SIMs.
  • Unlimited data with speed reduced to 40 kbps after 1 GB, on all three SIMs.
  • PRBT (Personalized Ringback Tone), on all three SIMs, i.e., provision of Free Caller Tune on all three SIMs
  • Free online TV on one of the mobile SIM out of the three provided under BSNL family broadband plan.
  • One month free subscription to Online Education. It is for anyone Subject to the students up to class-XII. This facility is for only one of the mobile SIM out of the three.
  • At the time of disconnection of BSNL family broadband plan connection, all three bundled mobile connections shall be ceased to exist automatically.

Prevailing VAS services (i.e., Music, Games & Movies) shall also offer under the BSNL family broadband plan on Landline as a combo offer without any additional cost.

BSNL family broadband plan will cover the unique numbers for free?

  • The operator does not provide free calling facility for Level-1 calls on Special number/ISD calls and shall treat on chargeable basis.

Can existing customers of BSNL broadband plans be eligible to avail this?

  • All the new and existing customers are allowed to subscribe to this new BSNL family broadband plan(BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family) or vice-versa at any time. It is also without any charges for migration. All the three bundled mobile connections will also allow after migration to this new plan.

Whether the existing mobile numbers can be converted into the bundling family scheme with 1199 family plan?

  • No, the customer has to apply separately to BSNL family broadband plan (BBG Combo ULD 1199 Family).

Will the existing other network mobile connections allow to add in BSNL family broadband plan?

  • The customers of other network mobile connections who wish Port-In to BSNL with bundling BSNL family broadband plan 1199 are allowed to enjoy the benefits because all these Port-In are treated as new connections only.

Is there any proposal to extend the same benefits for higher plans above 1199?

  • At present, it is not. In future, there may be a chance to extend the same bundling facility to the plans with FMC more than 1199. We will update when launched.

With the above info, now you are very clear about the new BSNL family broadband plan and its tariff.

The appetite of new combo internet plan will clear from 1st April 2018, and it is available on PAN India basis. As per the trend, it is a sensitive budget plan. So, just subscribe online or walk into BSNL CSC and catch the triple benefits of BSNL family broadband plan to access unlimited.

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