Avail BSNL Modem Cashback Offer To Get Free WiFi Modem

ISP strikes the market with BSNL Modem Cashback offer, the best deal for broadband users. This time BSNL cash back offers launched on Wi-Fi modems to provide wireless broadband services.

As of now, you will see BSNL landline bill payment cash back offer and BSNL recharge cash back offer. But now, you can avail BSNL WiFi Modem Cashback offer to make your home’s or offices as high-speed WiFi zones.

As per the new provision, ISP provides One BSNL WiFi Modem at free of cost for every new broadband plan subscription or migration to another plan. But it is in the form of 100% BSNL Modem Cashback offer by continuing with five years warranty support.

From the beginning of 2015 2016 financial year, BSNL had introduced its game changing plans like BSNL Free night calling facility and All India free roaming which gave a good start as late innings for BSNL.
BSNL Modem Cashback Offer
For the same, we all are thinking, what will be the plans targeted for this financial year 2017-2018 also. For this question, ISP announced many, now an exclusive 100% cashback offer on purchase of BSNL WiFi router /modem.

In this new announcement, BSNL Modem Cashback offer is not particular. It is always applicable for all customers including new and old broadband connections.

At first, this BSNL Modem Cashback offer is launched only for new clients. Now after grand success and overwhelming response every day, now this unique scheme extended to all.

Nowadays nothing is free, the offers are also like coupons which invariably, we have to spend more money to avail the benefit of the card, but from our BSNL we are getting direct benefit which will adjust in the BSNL broadband bill payment itself.

Getting a BSNL WiFi modem Cashback offer is a good offer to start wireless services. If you are planning to go for a broadband connection, definitely you have to consider BSNL broadband only as your ISP. Let’s have a look at the limitations.

BSNL WiFi Modem Cashback Offer Conditions

  • New cashback offer will be applicable only for outright purchases of BSNL WiFi router.
  • Total Cost of BSNL broadband WiFi modem shall adjust in the monthly broadband bill as a cashback offer for 30 months or till broadband services service available, which ever is earlier.
  • BSNL WiFi modem Cashback offer is not applicable for the customers who are presently having the modem on rental basis from BSNL.
  • Rental modem customer can hand over the existing router and avail this BSNL Modem Cashback offer at any time during this offer.
  • Five years warranty support period shall also be applicable for this BSNL WiFi Modem Cashback offer.

Who can avail this BSNL Modem Cashback Offer

  • 100% BSNL Modem Cashback offer will be applicable for all new and existing broadband customers.
  • The subscriber can opt for any high-speed unlimited broadband plans of BSNL having fixed monthly rental charges of Rs.675 and above.

How to get BSNL Modem Cashback Offer

  • If you are a new customer, submit the request along with application form to avail this scheme.
  • If you are an existing broadband customer, on satisfying the above conditions, approach concerned area commercial section. Submit your request to provide BSNL broadband WiFi modem with 100% cash back offer.
  • Pay Rs.1500 at the cash counter and obtain a receipt for the same.
  • Intimate the payment receipt details to CSC staff and get BSNL Free WiFi modem.
  • Then the technical staff will approach you for BSNL broadband modem configuration to make your home or office as WiFi zone with new modem settings.

Day by day wireless internet users is increasing rapidly. To grab the market and to create wireless hotspot zones in every home, this BSNL WiFi Modem Cashback offer is beneficial to ISP and the customers.

This newly introduced 100% BSNL Modem Cashback offer will be available on PAN India basis for six months from 18.07.2017. So, it’s time for customers to grab the BSNL modem cash back offers an exclusive deal to get free BSNL WiFi router.

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