How long should we hold on internet connectivity issues? The trend changed, and ISP introduced BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan over FTTH at greater speeds. Despite expanding Fiber to home network vastly, these BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan introduced especially for Alwar SSA.

One in ten people is connected with BSNL for communications at everywhere. All are paying a price happily for their convenience provided by BSNL for unlimited internet and calling as a combo offer. Rajasthan is being the state with widest options and opportunities and also is a land of warriors and business personalities. We can see Indian history and culture within the heritage site available in Rajasthan.

ISP is the best operator with high-quality infrastructure with latest BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan is ready to provide the quality telecom services in the state. ISP has a long experience of deploying latest telecom types of equipment by procuring them from various technology providers.BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan

New tariffs slash the cost of each plan by introducing entry-level broadband packages like 249. You can watch them at

The only one operator won the millions of hearts of Indians, is there for you to receive a good applause for their internet services in Rajasthan.

With this new provided BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan, ISP offers high-speed WiFi internet service through best WiFi routers. You can surf stream high-quality HD videos on every smart televisions / wireless device enabled with WiFi internet service without any buffering at any time round the clock with this faster BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan

BSNL Broadband WiFi Plans Rajasthan

ISP introduced the only unlimited internet tariff as Broadband over WiFi in Rajasthan circle named as BBG BSNLFi UL 1000 in addition to existing BSNL WiFi broadband plans Rajasthan. This WiFi broadband plan launched in association with broadband over WiFi service provider (BSWP). This BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan is applicable for all in an entire circle as a regular tariff from 20.02.2018 with applicable discounts. BSNl broadband wifi plan

These new BSNL broadband plans for home or business over FTTH network offers unlimited internet at greater speeds. It is also by allowing special discounts on rental charges for a longer subscription.

Another major attraction of this BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan allowing unlimited free calling at any time. It is also with any Add-on’s or extra charges. On just subscribing to this plans, you will get a free facility.

BSNL broadband plans in Alwar Rajasthan

Have a look at the pioneer internet service provider’s FTTH tariff. It is especially in Alwar secondary switching area of Rajasthan to avail superfast broadband at cheapest prices.

ParticularsFibro Combo ULD 791 CS249Fibro Combo ULD 891 CS250Fibro Combo ULD 991 CS251Fibro Combo ULD 1191 CS252Fibro Combo ULD 1391 CS253Fibro Combo ULD 1591 CS254
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to40Mbps till 40GB40 Mbps till 60GB40Mbps till 80GB100 Mbps till 130GB100 Mbps till 180GB100 Mbps till 230GB
Speed after FUP limit up to2 Mbps
ApplicabilityAll users of Alwar SSA of Rajasthan telecom circle only
Monthly Charges (Rs)791891991119113911591
Annual Payment Option (Rs.)8701980110901131011530117501
Two Years Payment (Rs.)166111871120811250112921133411
Three  Years  Payment  (Rs.)237302673029730357304173047730
Download/Upload Limit(MB/ GB)Unlimited Internet every month
Free E-mail IDs/Space1/1 GB
Static IP Address (On Request)Not ApplicableOne @ Rs.2000/- p.a. additionalOne @ Rs.1800/- per year

BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan other facilities/conditions

  • In all the above Security deposit charges shall be levied by the operator.
  • All the above BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan provide 24 hours unlimited free calling for local + STD calls on any network in India.
  • Monthly fixed telephone charges levied. All the tariffs provided with a minimum hire period of one month.
  • These BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan, especially for Alwar SSA, are available as a promotional offer up to 09.04.2018.

Alwar area netizens, now you have a right chance to access to fast, reliable broadband internet service in your home. Act fast subscribe online to any above BSNL broadband plans Rajasthan applicable to your area and get more privileges.



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