Following the new momentum, ISP introduced new high-speed’s on the copper network, and FTTH with latest BSNL broadband plans Odisha for all the netizens.

The data usage by each user touches to a peak level due to multiple connections like  Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV on Wi-Fi network. In this BSNL broadband plans Odisha, there is a provision of high-speed quota in plans up to a maximum level.BSNL broadband plans Odisha

With these landline broadband tariffs, you must ensure that your smartphone, tablets and Smart TV’s will display buffer-free HD content and ultra-speed banking services at any time. You can watch the realistic tariffs of BSNL broadband plans Odisha enforced by ISP in the state.

All the new fares apply to every netizen in the State introduced as per the competition. The below BSNL broadband plans Odisha revised with new nomenclature as regular tariff from 16.04.2018. Have a look at all before subscription.

BSNL broadband plans Odisha 2018 Tariff

The benefits in each postpaid tariff will provide more extreme benefits for all home and office users. All the BSNL broadband plans Odisha intended to take on other operators who offer extra advantages as of now.

Monthly Broadband Rent in Rs.Unlimited Plan NameDownload Speed Up to
 999BBG Combo ULD 999 CS29010 Mbps till 50 GB, after that 2Mbps
1099BBG Combo ULD 1099 CS3910 Mbps till 60 GB, then 2Mbps
1199BBG Combo ULD 1199 CS29110 Mbps till 70 GB, beyond 2 Mbps
1275BBG ULD 1275 CS29210 Mbps till 80 GB, after 2Mbps
1599BBG Combo ULD 1599 CS29310 Mbps 150GB, then 2Mbps
1745BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 1745 VDSL CS29416 Mbps 150GB, after that 2Mbps
2295BBG Speed Combo ULD 2295 CS295 16 Mbps 200GB, after 2 Mbps
2845BBG Super Speed Combo ULD 2845 VDSL CS29624 Mbps 250GB, then 2Mbps
1499Fibro Combo ULD 1499 CS2915 Mbps 100GB, beyond 2Mbps
2490Fibro Combo ULD 2490 CS3620 Mbps 250GB, after 2Mbps
3999Fibro Combo ULD 3999 CS29720 Mbps 300GB, after 4 Mbps
5999Fibro Combo ULD 5999 CS29830 Mbps 400GB, then 4Mbps
9999Fibro Combo ULD 9999 CS29950 Mbps 600GB, after that 4Mbps

Under above DSL/FTTH BSNL broadband plans Odisha, Security deposit for landline shall levy as per current instructions.

Additional facility for Sunday free calling to any network within India shall also extend as per existing provision. All the DSL technology BSNL broadband plans Odisha are available on FTTH (Fiber to the Home) with the same tariff.


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