All Time BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka, You Will Need

In an endeavor to offer the best, this BSNL broadband plans Karnataka launched separately. In this launch, ISP provides the BSNL broadband maximum speed up to a rate of 100 Mbps with unlimited internet and unlimited free calls for your home or business.

All these BSNL Karnataka unlimited broadband plans will provide through ADSL/VDSL and on Fiber to Home Network. To give a fierce competition for private broadband players and to taste the new plans, PSU introducing special offer BSNL landline broadband plans Karnataka as per user requirement.

Here, we are updating them from time to time when occurred. We presented this latest BSNL broadband plans Karnataka of each area for user convenience. It is like for Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Belgaum and for entire Karnataka.

BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

All these latest unlimited BSNL broadband plans Karnataka allow multiple payment options by allowing special discounts on each subscription. ISP designed BSNL broadband maximum speed plans for each district/business area separately as specified in the tariff list.

BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka 2018

Most people of Karnataka respects BSNL about their trusted billing and lowest charges for calls and high-speed internet. To continue the same confidence in customer’s heart in the new high-speed technology world developing at every second in Karnataka.

BSNL introduces and extending the lightning speed internet with BSNL Karnataka broadband new plans from time to time as per market requirements.

PSU also waives monthly rental charges of Rs.90 for Fibernet ONT(Optical Network Termination) new customers. It is for the users who opt BSNL broadband plans Karnataka with a monthly rent of Rs.1000 and above. Here, we are presenting area wise BSNL broadband plans Karnataka. It is for Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli, Belgaum and entire Karnataka with the latest tariff as mentioned area wise.

BSNL Broadband Unlimited Plans Karnataka

Unlimited Internet Plan NameBandwidth (Download Speed) Up toFUP LimitSpeed after FUPLimitMonthly Charges in RsYearly in RsStatic IP if Required
Selected broadband plans for entire Karnataka on ADSL, VDSL and FTTH networks
BBG ULD 865 CS5010Mbps30GB2Mbps8659515NA
BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS7010Mbps60GB2Mbps109112001One at Rs.2000
Other TariffApplicable BSNL Broadband Plans in Karnataka (like 249, 499, and broadband without a landline, etc..) available on all networks.

BSNL FTTH Plans Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum

The following are the ultra-fast BSNL broadband maximum speed plans introduced for the said districts with a minimum of 50Mbps bandwidth. Have a look at them.

Unlimited Plan NameDownload Speed Up toFUP LimitSpeed after FUPMonthly Charges in RsYearly in RsStatic IP if Required
Fibro Combo ULD 1100 CS7150Mbps200GB2Mbps110012100One at Rs.2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1400 CS7260Mbps250GB140015400
Fibro Combo ULD 1699 CS143 *70Mbps350GB169918689One at Rs.1800
Fibro BBG ULD 1995 CS19 and CS62*80Mbps450GB199521945One at Rs.1800

* 1699 CS143 is a promotional plan. It is available in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum SSA only from 11.12.2017 to 10.03.2018.

BSNL FTTH Plans Karnataka

The below are the promotional BSNL FTTH plans in Karnataka telecom circle. These are not available in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, and Belgaum SSA’s. Have a look at the tariff open from 11.12.2017 to 10.03.2018 as an offer.

Unlimited Plan NameBandwidth Up toFUP LimitSpeed after LimitMonthly Charges in RsYearly in RsStatic IP if Required
Fibro Combo ULD 699 CS13920Mbps100GB2Mbps6997689Not applicable
Fibro Combo ULD 999 CS14030Mbps150GB99910989
Fibro Combo ULD 1299 CS14140Mbps200GB129914289One at Rs.2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1599 CS14250Mbps300GB159917589One at Rs.1800
Fibro Combo ULD 2499 CS144100Mbps600GB249927489One at Rs.1800

Except for 699 CS139, all the above four plans provide unlimited free calls to any network during 24 hours. Fibro Combo ULD 2499 CS144 is available in entire Karnataka circle.

Additional Info on BSNL Broadband Plans Karnataka

  • Apart from 24hrs free call plans, The unique BSNL broadband plans Karnataka shall also allow unlimited free calling to any network. It is from 9 PM to 7 AM on every weekday and full day and night on Sundays.
  • Apart from free timings, the calls will charge at Rs.1.2 per meter called unit. This condition applies to all these BSNL broadband plans Karnataka 2018.
  • The Existing users, who require migrating to this new BSNL broadband plans Karnataka can also change any of the above ideas online.

For any queries on all the above plans, please call BSNL Karnataka broadband customer care number. New Customers who need lightning speed unlimited internet with unlimited calling service apply BSNL broadband connection online at any time.

PSU staff will approach you at your doorstep to provide with latest BSNL broadband plans Karnataka. It is on ADSL/VDSL/FTTH network to your home or business at anywhere in rural and urban areas.


  1. I asked the BSNL at Mangalore and they are not aware of these plans. They showed me the old list from October. Is there an official notice from BSNL?


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