3GB CUL 519 Broadband Plan of BSNL Offers Unlimited

Note:- 3GB CUL has been closed with effect from 01.03.2021 and existing customers will automatically migrates to BSNL 555 broadband plan 500GB CUL as per the new tariff. Catch the new combo unlimited tariff 3GB CUL broadband introduced by BSNL at 519 per month under postpaid DSL plans with unlimited internet and 24 hours free

2GB CUL 419 Broadband provides BSNL Unlimited Internet & Calls

Note: This 2GB CUL 419 has been revised with effect from 01.03.2021 and mapped to BSNL 399 broadband plan 200GB CUL, where the existing customers are automatically migrated from the said date and also the rental charges were reduced as per new tariff. Pride the new 2GB CUL broadband plan at 419 introduced by BSNL

2GB BSNL CUL Unlimited 369 Broadband & Free Call Tariff

Note: 2GB BSNL CUL is closed with effect from 01.03.2021 and the existing customers are mapped to BSNL 399 broadband plan (200GB CUL) automatically. Check the newly introduced DSL broadband plan 2GB BSNL CUL available as a regular postpaid tariff from 1st August 2020 on PAN India basis as regular plan, and this is a

1.5GB BSNL CUL DSL Broadband Plan Offers 8Mbps Speed at 299

Now available 8Mbps internet at just 299 with new 1.5GB BSNL CUL plan available for new customers of Postpaid broadband services ready to serve with unlimited voice calling benefits, Let’s check the applicability, download speed and free calls of the pack in the following table, and this is purely a DSL broadband plan and not