Activate BSNL Hotstar Premium Free Account with Superstar BB

Activate your Grand gift of 2020 from BSNL, Get Free Hotstar premium subscription by changing your plan to BSNL Superstar 300 broadband, Let’s find how to get activate your free Hotstar VIP entertainment bundle premium subscription.

BSNL Hotstar Premium Account Activation Process

Submit Hotstar VIP account activation request in online within 1 minute.

Just activate your BSNL free hotstar premium account

  1. Login to URL

    Use any browser to login to OTP based selfcare account

  2. Enter your telephone number details

    Present your STD code and telephone number of DSL/Bharat Fiber broadband which your have subscribed.

  3. Click on GET OTP

    Your registered mobile number at CSR terminal at the time of the broadband registration (first and last two digits) will be shown on the same screen.

  4. Submit the 4 digit OTP in the box and Click Validate

    Your mobile number will receive OTP for validation.

  5. Your existing plan and new Superstar 300 will be shown

    Displayed in the next screen will all features of speed and monthly rental charges

  6. Click Submit

  7. Your plan upgrade order will generate and shown on the screen

    Note down the reference number on the screen, and the generated request will appear on the concerned commercial officer login for further approval upon confirmation, then immediately the concerned will contact you for confirmation of plan with monthly or yearly bundle subscription, and change your broadband plan to Superstar broadband.

  8. Get your free hotstar account details on your mobile with an SMS

    Within 24 hours of time, your BSNL superstar broadband plan will be provided and intimated through an SMS to your registered mobile number along with your bundle hotstar premium subscription id number.

  9. Open Hotstar app or

    Use free account in mobile app or web url

  10. Click Login

  11. Enter your mobile number

    Submit your registered number with BSNL Superstar broadband account

  12. Submit 4 digit OTP received from Hotstar

    The last 4 digits of registered mobile number will be displayed on the screen which also receives OTP

  13. Submit OTP received on mobile

    Then you are successfully logged into the premium account

  14. Click My Account on the login bar

    Check the bundle subscription details by using My account details to see BSNL Hotstar Premium account Membership validity.

FAQs on BSNL Hotstar Premium Account Activation

  1. Whether this Free Hotstar Premium will be provided only for online plan change request or for all?

    Even if you submit your plan change (Superstar broadband) request to BSNL concerned CSC, Hotstar bundle premium subscription will be provided.

  2. What to do, if not received SMS for Hotstar premium details?

    Just approach your concerned CSC and ask them to confirm which mobile number you have registered for first time subscription, and check that mobile number for details.

  3. What it mean the account details shown as BSNL Hotstar Premium Next billing Date for one month?

    If your subscribed for monthly plan, then it is provided for one month, and if your are submitted for yearly subscription, then it will shown for one year free account.

  4. Can one use the hotstar premium account on that broadband connected device?

    No, you can activate BSNL hotstar free premium subscription on any mobile device or desktop/laptop using OTP received on registered mobile number.

  5. Is this BSNL Hotstar Premium account is available at any time or for promotional period?

    This is a regular plan and available at any time for joining, and after broadband subscription, you can activate BSNL hotstar premium in all your devices at any time upto the time of your plan migration or disconnection.

39 thoughts on “Activate BSNL Hotstar Premium Free Account with Superstar BB”

  1. I am using broadband plan 749 and I have subscribed this FREE hotstar, but since last three months I am being charged by Rs 300/- every month, When it is free, why I am being charged, I request to kindly reverse these charges and let me know the process of unsubscribe this good for nothing HOTSTAR.

  2. Hi, I am in 600GB CUL Bharat Fiber plan, How to activate hotstar? Whether this facility available for me, It is there for lesser plans like 300GB and 500GB, Pl confirm and guide.

  3. How to activate hotstar premium i had gone to link given landline nk and otp then it directly take me 2 self care home page what to do.

  4. I have 749 plan but not received the link to activate the hoststar premium on my mobile.
    Following link is broken and does not take it to next page

  5. Hi Team,
    i have recently upgraded my plan to superstar300 (hot star free), I tried the above steps to avail the facility but it does not seem to work.
    The step number 5 mentioned(“Your existing plan and new Superstar 300 will be shown), Displayed in the next screen will all features of speed and monthly rental charges”), this does not seem to work.
    pls help me in this regard.

  6. Hello there,
    I’ve recently upgraded to the BSNL BB 300GB Plan unable to avail the Hotstar Premium plan as not getting the OTP after putting the STD Code 07570 and 2200XX. Please help!

  7. Iam already in this Superstar 300 plan, Why i try this meathod, it not showing the 3 step, it directing to bsnl selfcare log in page, and If i login that page nothing happening, Please help

    • HI, Even i am facing the same issue, pls if ur issue was resolved pls let me know how it was resolved.

      • I just login into hotstar with my registered mobile in BSNL with OTP, I got surprised already premium where already activated for one month, But I registered a complaint in BSNL helpline, and i suggest you to login in hotstar with reg Mobile and check there weather hotstar premium is activated, and If not activated contact BSNL through helpline number

        • “mar 26th Dear Customer, your request was successfully submitted for change of plan to SUPERSTAR 300 with Request No: 122753342596, Changes may take 2-3 business days to implement, I have called customer service and they said activation will happen, So far 17th April no activation has happened.

          • Did you call them again? About the issue, I change the plan old plan to superstar 300 in online through Selfcare portal, in one hour plan changed, For you delay my due to COVID 19

  8. Guys , i just activated free hotstar from my hotstar 300 plan!!! Just do one thing login to hotstar using mobile number and use the mobile no which is registered with BSNL and enter the OTP. It’s that simple!
    Enjoy guys

  9. I have changed my FTTH Plan to Superstar 300, But when I try to get Hotstar subscription, it shows this message “Dear Customer, No Proposed plan found corresponding to your Existing Plan, Please contact your nearest CSR”, (after getting otp I click to validate otp then then this appears).
    Kindly do the needful to get the Hotstar Premium user credentials at the earliest.
    Thanking you.

  10. Dear Customer, No Proposed plan found corresponding to your Existing Plan, Please contact your nearest CSR,
    This is been showing for me but i have activated superstar 300 plan this is my first time, I don’t know what to do.
    After getting otp i click validate otp then then this appears, What to do know?.

    • Just login bsnl selfcare portal and migrate to superstar 300 plan or submit a request to concerned BSNL authority to change the plan.

    • yea same thing happen with me, contact cro in nearest service centre they may help, i’m still awaiting resolution, please post here if you got any solution.

  11. Dear Customer, No Proposed plan found corresponding to your Existing Plan, Please contact your nearest CSR,
    This is the message I’m getting after entering top in 1 link.

  12. I am not able to subscribe to Hotstar premium, the link which to cited here taking me to page mentioning that my plan have no such offer available despite I availing superstar 300gb plan, Bsnl helpline not working

    • If you are a user of BSNL Hotstar pack, please follow the process from point not 9, because you may already received the OTP on your registered mobile number at the time of plan activation.

  13. I have received hotstar user name from BSNL helpline but I am not getting any option on hotstar app to select free Hotstar premium allowed with BSNL broadband plan, What to do?

    • Close that subscription if not required, and activate the free Hotstar premium allowed with BSNL broadband plan.

  14. nothing is clear, how to switch over from my present combo 1500 to 300 gb, is it prepaid or postpaid, Is it for only Gujarat for oiling PM or available for ASSAM also?

    • It is a postpaid broadband connection providing 300GB FUP every month at Rs 749 (without GST) applicable to all in India (except Andaman Nicobar circle).

      • Whether HOT STAR Subscription is free with Rs 749, pack only or it is free with Rs 849 pack also, if yes what is the process to activate the same? My service request ID 8028283015 is pending since 02/08/19

          • Whether HOT STAR Subscription is free with Rs 749, pack only or it is free with Rs 849 pack also, if yes what is the process to activate the same.

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